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Your First Autumn Update!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Hey there, one and all!

Special Reporter Olive Oyl here back at it and ready to serve you up a steaming platter of camp news! I’ve missed corresponding with all you news-loving folks these past few weeks, but I’m so excited to be back and share all of you autumn, behind-the-scenes HVC news.

Ever since our wonderful campers left in late August, Hidden Valley has been peaceful and quiet. We sure miss the sounds of candy drop conspiracy conversations, tetherball tournament cheers, and the shuffling of magic cards. Despite our nostalgia, a camper-less camp offers us time to get some work done and improve our already amazing place into an even better one. Two projects that are currently taking place are remodeling the Hilton bathrooms, complete with a new porch, stairs, and interior, and resurfacing the tennis courts. These renovations will make for an even more fun (if that’s even possible!) summer next year. There’s always more work to be done, and I’ll be sure to share all the details. More to come soon!




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