The Last Lazy Day!

Monday, July 15th, 2019

The Mixtape class

Good Afternoon HVC!

It’s Mag-O-Llama here on this beautiful and sunny afternoon to update you on our very last lazy day of the session!! We’ve done some really great things today and I’m so excited to tell you about them!

This morning the younger half cabins woke up for breakfast and headed off camp for a really fun morning of GLOW BOWLING!! The younger campers got to hit the lanes and enjoy the phosphorescence light on their skin! The older half cabins got to sleep in a bit and stayed back on camp to experience HVC’s very own Woodstock themed festival, “Campstock!!” The older campers got to chill out in a mud bath, make some really rad 60’s flower crowns, rock out during a Woodstock themed soundtrack lip sync battle, play tip the can, created some hippy hair wraps, and did body painting!! Both the younger and older half cabins ended the afternoon with some really fun pool activities before the evening meeting. Check out the pictures below! πŸ™‚

Last nights evening program was sharing night!!!!! πŸ™‚ Campers got to share with the whole camp all of the hard work they’ve been putting into the past two weeks of classes and HOLY MOLEY our campers are really talented!!! We started off the night with a wonderful performance from the rapping/mixtape’s class and might I say they really brought the house down. We also watched some beautiful ballet, K-pop, jazz, hip-hop, and even some super awesome robot dancing!!! Another really unique performance that we saw last night was by the historical sword fighting class!! They really impressed us with their skills! Check out the pictures below to get in on the fun!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because tonights evening program is…Β THE MUSICAL!!!!!!!! There will be lots of pictures to come!! πŸ™‚

I’ve got to go reserve my seat before it’s too late!!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!!



We Dressed in the Dark Today!!!!

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Team Campers!!

HelloΒ everyone! It’s Mag-O-Llama here and wow it’s a great day to be at HVC!!!

Campers are in full swing this morning after an AMAZING bagel Sunday and a beautiful morning meeting where we celebrated France’s independence day… Bastille day!! Our French campers sang us their wonderful national anthem to celebrate the festivities! To add on to the already fantastic day, IT’S DRESS IN THE DARK DAY!!!!! Check out the pictures below to see the silly outfit combinations and morning meeting fun πŸ™‚

Yesterday was the annual campers vs. counselors basketball game and wow was it a hoot! We enjoyed some refreshing seltzer and popsicles while we watched the game unfold before our eyes. The game ended in a close 29-27 with the CAMPERS taking the win!!!! Better luck next time counselors!!! Check out the action below! πŸ™‚

We ended the fun last night with a marvelous evening program… KARAOKE NIGHT!!!! The AWAC’s started the festivities off with a great rendition of a well known Cascada song and the counselors brought us home with a John Denver classic and some beautiful High-School-Musical selections! Fun was had by all and all had fun. πŸ™‚ Check out the pictures below!

I’ve gotta go get redressed in the light!!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!!!


Our lazy day was pretty gross…..

Saturday, July 13th, 2019


Goooood morning, friends and folks! Hummingbird here with your Saturday update! Let’s talk about the lazy day yesterday!

Older half hopped on the bus to go GLOW BOWLING yesterday morning following a delicious croissant breaky in the dining hall. They bowled, they jammed out to some rockin’ music, and they munched on some french fries before packing up to return to camp.

Meanwhile on camp, the younger half got GROSS at GROSS DAY!! We had a gross obstacle course, condiment twister, a shaving cream hair salon, coke and mentos science experiments, a yucky mystery box, colorful slip n slide, and slime making!! Of course, we also had our tranquility zone for campers who prefer not to be sticky πŸ™‚ At the end of all the messiness and yuckies, campers determined the absolutely most disgustingest grossiest camper, who then got DUNKED with MORE grossness!! And then we all cleaned ourselves off and got un-gross πŸ™‚

After the morning’s activities everybody enjoyed a delicious lunch made by Chris, Lilian, Mike, and the kitchen staff, and headed back to clean up the cabins, write some letters, read, make friendship bracelets, and generally chill out! This was followed by a very special showing of CHICKEN RUN!! We were all pretty hungry after watching…. so we enjoyed a beautiful dinner before heading out to the Half Moon Jug Band! They played all our favorite songs like Tuna Noodle and The Cat Came Back! Who could resist dancing?? Not I! Treasure Island and French Quarter even got to go onstage and sing with them!! Meanwhile, some of our oldest campers enjoyed cabin activities! Wabanaki played water polo at the pool, Taj Mahal chilled out and played some games on the soccer field, and Forbidden Planet had a campfire!

Some campers weren’t on camp at all for the lazy day! Our HVA lite class took a trip to the Kennebec river to go white water rafting!! Take a look at some pictures from their adventure!

It was a super fun lazy day yesterday (made even more fun when campers got their FIVE YEAR VESTS!!!) and we are excited to get back to our regularly scheduled classes today! A little routine is much appreciated, especially after spending a day coated in mustard!

I’m off to get some leftover shaving cream out of my feathers… it just doesn’t come out!

Always just a little gross,

What does community mean to you?

Friday, July 12th, 2019

Happy Friday, folks! Hummingbird here with your campy updates!! We’ve got a lot to go over so buckle up, buttercups, we’re goin’ for a ride!

First stop, ELECTIVES!! Last night we had some super awesome electives for our campers to choose from. Electives night is like “choose your own evening program,” where campers get to choose from all the many different activities the counselors lead. Last night we had some old classics like capture the flag, spa night, board games, swimming, cooking, painting, and tipi zip, in addition to some new and exciting activities like golf ball smash, pool noodle jousting, marshmallow hair dryer painting (seriously!!) and even horse grooming! It was a super silly night, be sure to check out the pictures below!

Next stop, I want to give you some service program updates! We’ve talked in the past about our two community service-based programs on camp, Outreach Outdoors and Community, and I bet you’ve been wondering what they’re up to… well wonder no more!! I’m here to tell you πŸ™‚ This two week session of Outreach Outdoors has centered around the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They visited the local recycling center to see where our waste goes once it’s recycled, and then the next day took a trip over to Knight’s Pond, a local spot that many people in the community use to cool off on hot afternoons in the summer. Our campers picked up garbage that was left behind and tried to apply what they knew about the three R’s to see if anything was salvageable. Campers in Outreach were interested in how they could apply those same concepts around camp, and settled on trying to reuse some of the materials that get recycled. They used discarded jelly jars from the dining hall to pickle vegetables together in Peter and Meg’s house! Our team of campers has also been engaging in conversations about what it means to build and take part in a meaningful community. Here are some of their thoughts on what community means to them…
“Community happens naturally when people live and work together”
“Being part of a community means supporting each other”
“Peter and Meg build the community but the kids make it a living, breathing thing”
“My parents say that I’m always more helpful around the house after I’ve been at camp”
“It feels like our actions make a difference here more than at home”
“Being in a community is different than just living in the same place… it takes a choice”
“At camp we can be part of the community but also be valued as individuals”
“Not having our phones here brings us together. There’s no way we can hide from each other”
“Being in nature makes us more peaceful”

Now on to Community… and who better to tell you what they’ve been up to than the Community campers themselves? Here’s a word from them!

Hi! We are Community, and we would like to share what we have been doing the past two weeks. We live in a house off the grid, a mile away from Main Camp. At the house, we rely on our generator to supply us with electricity and running water twice a day. We spend a substantial amount of time in the communal space playing chess, card games, making music, singing, reading, and often sleeping. We also spend a lot of time building fires and making s’mores at the fire pit. Each day while the generator is running, we wash dishes, fill our water tanks, shower, and generally prepare for the day.
Over the course of our time at camp so far we have engaged in a number of community service projects throughout Maine. These include clearing out habitats at an animal haven, mulching trails at an animal shelter, cleaning and organizing a homeless shelter, building hiking trails, and spending time at a nursing home. Our most impactful project thus far has been volunteering at a soup kitchen in Portland. We washed dishes, sorted supplies, prepared and served food, and interacted with the visitors. This experience opened our eyes to a variety of lifestyles that most of us had never before been exposed to.
Overall, Community has been a powerful experience, and we are grateful to be taking part in it together.

So there you have it! Our camp community is strong as ever now as we enter our fourth week of session one! We had a super fun time today with Gross Day and Glow Bowling, right now our campers are hangin’ in the rec hall watching the classic cinematic masterpiece Chicken Run!! And tonight after dinner we’ll enjoy a rolicking show by the Half Moon Jug Band!! Stay tuned for pictures from our amazing trip/ lazy day tomorrow!

I’m off to save some chickens from the pie making machine!! My brethren!!

Cluck cluck humm,

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