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Wonderful, Wacky W News!

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Who, What, Where, When, and Why at the W Dance!

Hi friends! Lady of the Lake with another round of exciting news.

After our exciting, adventurous morning yesterday, all of camp headed to the pool for a lovely, relaxing afternoon. There was such a great vibe, having all of camp hanging out together. Campers relaxed, chatting and reading together. Other kids had a blast making friendship bracelets and hair wraps. Folks played tennis and sent frisbees flying over Deer Meadows. For the gamers amongst us, there were fun card games and an exciting magic tournament. Of course campers splashed around in the pool and headed down a super slippery slip-n-slide. We also had a parachute out so that kids could play around together while jamming to some great music. Everyone had a fabulous afternoon enjoying each other’s company.

For dinner, we had a Mexican feast. We munched on delicious tacos and burritos filled with our choice of ground beef, chicken, tomatoes, cheese, refried beans, fresh corn, guacamole, salsa, and other great toppings. For dessert, we had our famous churros. It’s hard not to go crazy for these churros – they’re just so delicate and delicious!

After dinner, we headed over to our W dance! We danced the night away in our wacky, weird, and wonderful wardrobes. We saw western folks, watermelons, weather guys, weekends, and wizards. For activities, we had wardrobe and costume making, war and other card games, wizardry and witch crafts (where campers created awesome dream catchers), a whopper count (stay posted for the results to come tomorrow!), wicked face painting, and a game of W-evenge knockout – formerly known as revenge knockout. Kids had a great time dipping in and out of the dance, where we heard mostly songs starting with the letter W. Waka Waka, Who Let the Dogs Out, What is Love, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together – there sure are a lot of great songs starting with W! When we were all danced out, we curled back up in our cabins for a deep sleep.

This morning, we had some exciting business to take care of at morning meeting. We took a lobster count, where we put in our orders for the final banquet on packing day. We chose between lobster, chicken, or spanicopita.

After that was all sorted out, we had some brave souls participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a viral trend going around encouraging people to dump a bucket of ice on their head and donate to ALS research. We had some very special people at camp get nominated, including Meg Kassen. The counselors and staff nominated took their icy showers like champs, and all of camp enjoyed looking on.

It’s a beautiful day of classes today, and we’re all looking forward to the musical tonight!

That’s all for now, folks.

Lady of the Lake

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