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Winter Wonderland at HVC!

Monday, February 16th, 2015
Beautiful frozen waterfall at the lake

Beautiful frozen waterfall at the lake

Hi, friends! Long time no blog post! But Olive Oyl is back with lots of wintery news for you!
There’s been a whole bunch of snow in Maine– about 7 feet in the past 3 weeks. This may seem like a ton, but the snow actually compresses over time, so there’s generally a solid 4 feet (or more!) in most places around camp.
Be sure to check out the awesome photos– the swing sets are pretty much un-swingable as the seats are submerged in snow. It seems nearly impossible to enter the Red Barn, as snow is piled  up to the roof. The ropes course is covered in a beautiful snowy blanket and there are icicles lining the Dining Hall. Such a different way to see camp!
A beautiful waterfall has formed at the lake…possibly a sign that it’s probably too chilly for a dip. The lake is still getting plenty of use, though! Under all the snow coating the frozen lake there’s loads of ice– perfect for ice fishing. Check out the photo of the building atop the snowy lake– that’s an ice fishing shack, where there’s a hole drilled in the ice to fish. So cool!
The cold weather has only fueled our excitement for warmer days ahead. The PD team for the summer has been chosen and we can’t wait! We’re just counting down the months…
Well, that’s all for now! Stay in touch for more updates soon!
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