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Winter Improvements and Warm Wishes

Sunday, December 11th, 2016
A lovely new outhouse

A lovely new outhouse

Hello friends, one and all! Olive Oyl back in action with a news update for you as we enter into winter and continue making moves on our wonderful new office!
The project has been underway since the end of last summer, where a small but mighty crew of counselors stayed a few days late to start the clearing out and then (the fun part!) the demolition of parts of the old structure. Since then, we have removed the wooded area directly to the right of the mailroom to make room to build the new office. The remaining parts of the old structure will be torn down to make room for a new small field and outdoor meeting area, perfect for hot days when the backyard is just too sunny. Our trusty pals Tim and Gus have been working alongside Pete, whose sons used to be HVC-ers. So we have a very awesome crew and have been making loads of progress since most of you folks have been on camp! It’s going to be such a surprising treat to drive down camp road next year with a whole new office to greet us as we start our summer! We can’t wait.
The office isn’t the only area on camp that’s been getting some love…we’re also making improvements farther down Camp Road. Deer Meadows field is becoming our new “on-site” camping area, complete with an outhouse, campfire, and room to set up tents. It will be perfect for cabin nights, teen programs, and staff training. Plus, Deer Meadows has pretty fantastic sunsets and stargazing.
We’re well into winter in Maine, with snow on the ground (more photos to come!). Keep those warm camp memories in mind to keep you toasty and safe this holiday season. Wishing everyone a restful break filled with friends, kindness, and maybe some time vegging out and watching the camp yearbook DVD (expect it soon in the mail!).
Thanks for taking the time to check in here about the goings-on at camp…I’ll keep you posted as we make strides on the new office and as we bundle up into winter!
Lots of love,
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