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Wheely Fun Times!

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017


They said the magic word!

Rise and shine!! Olive Oyl here with lots of news for you post-lazy day and heading into another full day of classes!

First things first, the Wheel of Misfortune happened and it was awesome. With our Stranger Things theme, we went looking for Barb and completed a series of challenges, like Eat the Waffle, Put the Baby Doll Back Together, Spell Your Name with Chewed Bubblegum, Fishing for Ping Pong Balls with our Feet, and many more, you know, normal camp games. We had to stay safe from the Demigorgans, who were dressed in all black and live in the Upside Down. We also had a giant ouija board, which helped us find our other missing friends, Gus who went absent from the bike gang. And of course, there was Officer Office who went missing from her office.

And of course, there were all the fabulous prizes that losing campers received upon completing challenges (don’t worry, everyone got a prize). Lucy is dying her hair, Danica is baking cookies, Leah is becoming a human sundae, Sam is giving a tractor ride to breakfast, Aya is kissing a llama at camp meeting, Samara is killing all the spiders in a cabin, Ace will sing Moana at goodnights, and Jordan will eat a sandwich made out of a cabin’s choosing. Amazing! We can’t wait to redeem all these prizes at rest period and meeting over the next few days.

We’re back into the swing of things on this beautiful sunny day with classes and the “S” dance this evening. So many ideas for costumes– snakes, space, sneakers, sunshine, the starry sky, squids, sushi, the list goes on and on…plus there will be tons of fun activities all revolving around the fabulous letter S. We can’t wait!

Tomorrow is Jake Day, where we’ll take cabin photos and do our cheers before breakfast, all of which will be featured on our camp DVD come wintertime.

Quick HVA update! They climbed Mt. Katahdin successfully and came back to camp for a brief rest, airing out of tents, and Lillian’s yummy food. Now they’re back off and will have photos for us to share shortly!

Well, that’s all for now my friends. Be sure to check out all the awesome Wheel, Brumby, HVA, and more Valleyfest pics below!

Catch ya later,



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