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Wheel of Misfortune!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Top of the evening to you all! Carolina the duckling here, on my first Lazy Day as your blogging correspondent. Last night was the Wheel of Misfortune here at HVC! Have your kids ever told you about the Wheel? As I learned from my vantage point at the animal pen last night, it is practically indescribable, but the kids who came to animal care for class yesterday tried to explain it to me. The Wheel is a wacky game show that has a different theme every year, and where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. Last night’s theme was Clue on a Cruise Ship, with counselors and AWACs playing a zany cast of characters. Pies flew in faces, the losers of various challenges received prizes while the winners returned to their seats, and campers completed tasks ranging from flossing their siblings’ teeth, to finding a jellybean in a plate of spaghetti with their toes, to eating dirty diaper sundaes (your kids will explain). They had so much fun – enjoy the photos!

Today was a Lazy Day for the Younger and Middle Halves and a Trip Day for the Older Half, followed by Valleyfest in the evening. Can’t wait to tell you more tomorrow!

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