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What’s That You Say? It’s the First Day of Classes!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Lunch time for Gimme Shelter!

Good morning, pals! Cara B. Ner here, and man, do we have a big day ahead of us. It’s the first day of classes! We leaped out of bed this morning and walked into the dining hall to find everyone’s favorite- EGG BAR!! There were also English muffins, sausages, and cheese to make some awesome egg sandwiches.

We then headed over to the gazebo for morning meeting. We had our usual announcements of Thought De Jour and Spirit Animal of the Day, and heard about our first round of interest groups. Interest groups is a time after fourth period and before evening meeting to grab a snack and choose from a variety of activities that change day to day. After camp meeting, we headed off to our first period class. Some campers set off to the lake or the pool for swimming classes, others to the horse barn for riding, the trails for mountain biking, the Buckhorn for silk screening and block printing, the list goes on! Some super fun classes unique to this two week set are “what is this class?”, ninja 101, bug catching and bird watching, stage fighting, and “how to be a pop star.”

After first, second, and third period, we will enjoy a picnic-style lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup outside in the backyard. Afterwards, we’ll head back to our cabins for a rest period of some quiet time and cabin chores. Next is fourth period, followed by interest groups and evening meeting. At evening meeting, we hear about the upcoming weather from Weather Guy, hear a useless facts from our Gurus, watch the Promos class perform a skit letting us know what evening program will be the following night, and see the Iron Chef cooking class face off, judged by our master taste tester Man Flame Tony. Next, we’ll head to dinner and then evening program.

Tonight is Cabin Night, a really¬†fun evening program. Each cabin will do a different activity with their group for some awesome cabin bonding. Luna and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy some more orientation day photos!

Climbing away,

Cara B.

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