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What do orthodontists do on roller coasters? They brace themselves!!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Hummingbird here with your updates on this fine, sunny day!! Since we last spoke our camp has been a’hum with excitement to get back to our regularly scheduled classes today! After a yummy delicious pizza dinner last night we enjoyed a fabulous performance by Peter Boie, the magic dude!! We gasped, we laughed, we cried with joy when Peter escaped his straight jacket, and we had a marvelous time!! It was a fabulous end to a fabulous day!! But that’s not all that happened last night…

Forbidden Planet got their T-SHIRTS LAST NIGHT!!! In the midst of fire building and s’mores the campers of Forbidden Planet got their Forbidden shirts, which they, of course, all wore to camp meeting this morning to show them off! Congratulations, Forbidden!!

And now here we are, enjoying a lovely day here in the Valley. The sun is shining, my birdy brethren are chirping in the trees, the flowers are looking extra bright today, and the smell of fresh laundry is wafting from the Health Lodge (ouch!) and through the rest of camp… how idyllic! We’re in our second to last day of the first two weeks of classes, so pottery is being glazed today, projects are being soldered and finished up, dances are being rehearsed, and swimmers are swimming their swims! There’s plenty to keep us occupied here today until our wonderful evening program, BAZZINGA!! What’s that, you ask? Stay tuned and find out tomorrow!

In the meantime enjoy pictures from the Bangor State Fair and the Staff Talent Show! And check out pictures from HVA (lite)’s rock climbing trip a few days ago!! How adventurous (lite)!! One last thing…. you may notice something in our photos below… our AWACs got into some candy last night… I wonder what that means….. Hm…… 😉

Always hungry,

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