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What a palooza…. LLAMAPALOOZA!!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Gooooooood morning, HVC! Hummingbird here with all your Llamapalooza-y update-y news! Last night was (you guessed it!) Llamapalooza– er… Meg’s Rodeo– er… Llamapa-Rodeo?? Whatever you call it, it’s a super silly fun evening program where cabins rotate through stations that put their teamwork to the test!! We had llama spitting, blind llama sculpting, charade brigade, obstacle course-ing, booty box-ing, and of course water balloon kitten catching! The older half had a GIANT rock paper scissors tournament, and of course we all ended the evening with the Counselor Wakeup Challenge!! Cabins bonded, campers got silly, and laughter echoed through all of Deer Meadows field, reverberating long after bedtime! Check out the photos below!

We are on our third day of classes here and campers are getting comfortable with their routines, our silly camp songs, and the general nonsense that goes on here in the Valley! We enjoyed a beautiful eggbar breakfast this morning and fuelled up for the day, thanks to our amazing wonderful kitchen staff! Thanks, team!!

Tonight is our very first electives of the session, can you believe?!?! Campers will gather to hear about all the FUN activities counselors are offering! And then a dramatic hush will fall over the crowd as they sit in anticipation for our PD’s to decide which third of the camp is the quietest, and therefore earn the privilege of choosing their electives first!! How fun!! Stay tuned to see pictures from electives and hear about all the fun stuff campers are getting up to tonight!

I’m off to search for frozen peas leftover from llamapalooza last night… they make the perfect mid-morning snacky-poo for a bird like me!!

Always hungry,


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