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What a crazy few days we have coming up!!

Sunday, July 19th, 2015
Our amazing cast!

Our amazing cast!

Hello, fellow human and bird inhabitants of Earth!! And HAPPY BAGEL SUNDAY! Humming Bird here with some faaaabulous updates about yesterday, today, and the future!

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful performance of Roald Dahl’s The Witches!! Our talented campers portrayed the escapades of a young Boy, who learns that the world’s Witches– cleverly disguised as the “National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children”– are plotting to exterminate all the pesky children of England by turning them into mice with a special formula they plan to put into chocolate! When Boy gets turned into a mouse, he and his hungry friend, Bruno, must enlist the help of Boy’s grandmother. The unlikely team sneaks the Witches’ formula into their soup, thus turning them into mice and eradicating the problem of Witches in the world!!

The Backstage Ninjas did an unbelievable job of running tech, props, and generally helping out backstage during the show! Clad in all black, they were hardly noticed by the audience, and made the whole play run smoothly– the noble goal of any ninja!!

Our Hidden Valley actors portrayed the characters’ trials and tribulations with empathy, humor and grace! They even dealt with the tricky situation of turning children into mice on stage!! They had small (fake) mice on the stage, moved by the narrators, with the actors playing the mice projecting their lines loudly from offstage! There was a real ensemble feel to the show, and it was very evident that our young thespians had worked really hard together to create this excellent final product! Check out photos of the show!!

Beyond our impressive theatrical production, Olive Oyl and I want to give an update on a new building on camp! Our staff have been hard at work making The Beehive! Located between the Foothills dance studio and our Rec Hall, The Beehive is the home of our new Glass Blowing program!! Check out some pictures of the beautiful new building on camp!

Camp is beginning to wind down now, in preparation for the ever- teary Departure Day. But don’t break out the tissues yet!! We have some incredible things to look forward to in the coming days! This afternoon we have the Camper-Counselor Basketball Game!!! All of camp will come out to the basketball court to watch as the campers of the Basketball Team (which is a class that has been practicing all four weeks of camp) and the PDs, counselors, and even Peter and Meg of Team X compete against each other in a grueling, ruthless, perilous game of basketball!! Who will win?? No one knows! (But my bet is on the campers, they’ve been working really hard. Don’t tell the PDs I said that!!) Stay tuned for a report on the outcome of our game!

Tonight after dinner we have the second Sharing Night of the session!! We’ll see performances from classes ranging from dance to guitar, ukulele, theater, poetry, and even hiking!! We are all so looking forward to seeing what our campers have been working on for the last two weeks! Then tomorrow night we will gather yet again in the Rec Hall to watch the musical, The Lion King!! I’ve heard it’s pretty excellent, so I’m really excited to see what the cast has been up to!

Then we have a much-awaited Fair Day!!! Cabins will set up fun booths and eat ice cream and fried dough, and celebrate the incredible month we’ve all shared together, and the lasting friendships we’ve made and maintained here at Hidden Valley!

We have an exciting few days ahead of us!! But for now we’re enjoying our final day of classes!! I’m off to practice my dance moves!!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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