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What A BEAUTIFUL Morning!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015



Good Morning Kittens! Sorry I couldn’t post the pictures form yesterday sooner, but we were having too much fun at the ALIVE show!!!

Last night, ALIVE took us on a journey through the decades with songs, dances, funny skits, and a dance party at the end!!! Check out pictures below to see some of the magic!!!

And today is me and Humming Bird’s FAVORITE day!!!! FAIR DAY!!!!! We started off the day with our very own HVC Road Race on Hidden Valley Road! Check out pictures below! Right now cabins are setting up their booths for Fair Day, then we’re off to the Brumby Horse Show!

If you’re wondering what this “Brumby Horse Show” I’m speaking of is, I would be happy to tell you! A select number of campers each session sign up to participate in “Brumby” which is our advanced horse program at HVC. These campers wake up earlier than the rest of camp to groom the horses, feed them, and get them ready for the day. These campers also get assigned their own “Brumby Horse” which they care for a ride throughout the session to prepare for today’s show! Today the rest of camp is going to watch the hard work and dedication they’ve been putting into the month! Humming Bird and I are SO excited to watch it! 🙂

Check in later today for pictures from FAIR DAY and the Brumby Horse Show!!!!

Have a purr-fect day!!!!

– Cat-Nap

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