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We’ve Arrived!

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Hey there!

Today was ARRIVAL DAY! Can you believe it?! The yards were alive with laughter and joyous outcries as campers reunited after far too long apart. As a fly on the wall, or more precisely- a llama in the pen- I was overcome with delight to see such a sight. Cabin groups spent the afternoon getting to know each other and tackling the exciting task of unpacking into cabin sweet cabin, taking in all the familiar sights (and explaining why the sights are so cool to new friends!), and best of all, experiencing the First Camp Meeting of 2021 and then adjourning to enjoy Chris, Lillian, and Mike’s Super Scrumptious Welcome dinner of fried chicken, roasted potatoes, salad, and Lillian’s carrot cake! Tonight’s Evening Program is Opening Night Skits, where the counselors and pro staff introduce themselves and the classes they will teach (and probably one or two of my llama friends for a glimpse of the local wildlife). It’s bound to be wacky and wild out there, so stay tuned!

Look below for snaps from today’s arrivals!

Over and out! – Sadie the llama

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