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We’re Having a Wheely Wheely Good Time

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Hi All,
George of the Jungle here for all your insights into today’s Lazy Day, but before we get into all the need-to-know details of today’s amazing activities, Older Half at the Beach and Younger Half Harry Potter Day, I’ve got the inside scoop on Last Nights incredible Wheel of Misfortune.

Last Night after dinner and a spectacular performance by a majestic string quartet currently paying a visit to camp.  Campers headed on down to the Rec Hall and oh what a sight was to be had. Counselors adorned the tops of the Pottery Studio, The Hilton Bathrooms and the Rec Hall dressed as various Capital members from the post-apocalyptic nation Panem. Panem is a fictional country from the Book and Film series the Hunger Games which as you may remember from yesterday’s news update was the theme for this years Wheel of Misfortune. Campers delighted in the weird and wonderful outside acts including water balloons filled with glitter, face painting, counselors tied to trees and the silent guards who blocked the entrance to the Rec hall which acted as the Hunger Games ‘arena’.

Soon the doors were flung open and my inside sources report that it was an eerie but incredible sight to be seen. Our 10 tributes who had been chosen from the Reaping two days ago were scattered across the stage preparing for their first battle and our Capital hosts, the enigmatically dressed, Effie Trinkett and Cesar could be seen through a mock television screen constructed during the day.

As Peter introduced the Wheel of Misfortune and handed the ‘Games’ over to the Capital Hosts a countdown sounded throughout the Rec Hall and our tributes ran outside to the ‘Cornucopia’ and the first of many epic battles.  Throughout the night Campers were offered the chance to compete in a variety of weird, wacky and gross games in order to aid the various favorite tributes in their quest to win the Games. Campers were selected by Gruesome a garbage bag clad AWAC who mysteriously emerged on stage with his camp-famous hockey stick to choose his ‘victims’. The aforementioned games played throughout the Wheel last night included…

‘Catching Bees’ which involved campers having their hands covered in honey and then attempting to catch as many flying crepe paper bees as possible.
Using only their feet and toes to uncover precious glass beads from a kiddy pool filled with green jello and ice.
Whipped Cream and Chocolate Pudding hair styling.
and Of course the traditional sibling challenge, which this year involved siblings attempting to camouflage one another using buckets full of mud…

At the end of each Game many a camper received a whipped cream pie in the face and each cabin went home with a special prize to be collected upon by the cabin at a time of their choosing. Prizes are offered up by counselors and involve such thing as – hair dying, waiting on a table for breakfast, tractor rides, baking cookies, serenading cabins and so much more.

All in all it was an incredible night of wackiness and fun and tired campers returned to their cabins for a good nights rest in preparation for today’s lazy day!

The Older Half enjoyed their 15 minutes extra sleep this morning and with the sun shinning donned bathing suits in preparation for their day at the beach today. At the beach there will be sand castle construction, reading circles, rock exploration, frisbee and of course plenty of swimming time. The Older Half will return to camp, I imagine with half the beach in their bags and shoes, this afternoon for rest period and some cabin clean up time before rejoining camp to swap lazy day stories at evening meeting.

Younger Half will be venturing into yet another world of magical fiction with today’s Harry Potter Day. Both Counselors and Campers are incredibly excited for the beloved world to take over camp this morning. Campers will be sorted into one of the four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw before embarking upon an array of Hogwarts Classes including Care of Magical Creatures at the Animal Barn, Potions Class, Quidditch Lessons up on Tipi Zip, Transfiguration and Herbology down at the Creek. The Younger Half will also have their own time in the sun enjoying an afternoon by the Pool before joining the Older Half for Meeting, delicious dinner and today’s evening program Valleyfest.
Valleyfest is an open, supportive and fun chance for campers to show off their incredible talents before the camp and after last sessions 32 acts I can’t wait to see what we have in store tonight!

Check out these some snaps shots from last nights Wheel of Misfortune Snap Shots, there will be plenty more Wheel and Lazy Day Pictures to come.

George of the Jungle.


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