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We’re Breaking out in Song and Dance!

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Hiya folks, Sadie the Llama here!

We got some show stopping, break out and song and dance kind of news this afternoon… We have no positive COVID cases on camp. If you haven’t checked your email recently- check it! We learned this afternoon that a mistake was made in the lab. We are happy to announce that we’re all happy, healthy, and living our best lives! We had a cabin break out in song and dance our of excitement about this announcement. Our campers who went home will be returning to us! Check out some pictures in the gallery of cheering at camp meeting! We are beyond THRILLED with this news! And, all just in time for classes to start tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’ll all be getting into our class groove and buzzing around from one period to the next. Campers might be designing glass projects, starting to sculpt with clay, jumping in the pool, shooting a bow and arrow or learning to play the ukulele. The possibilities are endless!

It’s been a long, hot, beautiful day. Sadie the Llama’s gotta hit the hay! But you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

-Sadie the Llama

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