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We Are The Champions, My Friends

Saturday, August 9th, 2014


Hi, friends! Olive Oyl here with your daily dose of Hidden Valley news!

Well, we had a fantastic evening last night with some superb electives! We had a whole variety of activities going on, like our classics of Capture the Flag, Dance Party, Tipi Zip, and the Pizza Oven. We had some other yummy treats happening, like a Wee Bite of Scotland, where they made tablet and shortbread, and s’mores and charades in the Barn Library. Some folks got in touch with their artsy side, doing sandblasting, light painting, henna and tie-dye, screen printing, or making polymer clay charms. We also had our fabulous Spontaneous Parade, where campers traveled around with instruments galore to bring some music and silliness to the rest of camp. We also had a nature walk down by the creek, a sing-a-long, and Hocus Pocus fortune telling. At the end of the night we all gathered in the Rec Hall to share about the awesome things we had just done! We then sang some camp classics, thanks to the help of our dear friend Peri! We all joined in for Inch by Inch and a song by Pete Seeger. Overall, it was a lovely evening full of good times and music!

The excitement didn’t stop this morning as 44 of our campers participated in the Montville Road Race. These special folks had an early breakfast and missed their first period, but are now back on camp, where they have the chance to shower and have a mid-morning snack of coffee cake and oranges. Yum! The race always draws a big HVC crowd, and many of our own placed high in their division. It was a two mile, downhill race and participants were divided into different groups based on their age. The money from the race will be donated to the Montville Volunteer Fire Department, so campers are not only doing something fun, but doing something amazing for their local camp community.

Our Brumby girls got a special treat yesterday with a visit from Janelle, a camp mom and a horse vet. She taught the girls about horses from the veterinarian perspective, explaining anatomy using old dried horse bones. How cool! Be sure to check out the photos.

Tonight is sure to be another exciting evening, with three different activities going on for different parts of camp. Our youngest cabins will be participating in Candy Crush, while the middle girls will be doing the Newspaper Fashion Show and the middle boys are going on a mystery trip, and lastly, the oldest cabins will be going to a Teen Party at Blodgett House. More details to come tomorrow!

That’s all for now, folks!




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