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We Love Orientation Day!

Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Class sign ups!

Class sign ups!

Hi there, folks at home! Olive Oyl here with your Orientation day update!

It’s been a jam-packed day since we first heard the donkeys roar this morning! All cabins have been travelling around camp doing five main things today: signing up for classes, swim evaluations, tours, photos, and the health lodge. For class signups our pottery man Dan gave his famous “schpiel” about signups, explaining how our two-week and four class period day works, plus going over interest groups and extras like doing the ropes course, visiting the Hope Elephants, the overnight camping trip, or opting to join Tipi Village.

The lake path has been bustling with cabins traveling to and from the waterfront for swim evaluations. Thanks Hidden Valley’s amazing solar heating system (aka the sun), the lake has been nice and warm for our campers. Cabins also made sure to stop by the health lodge, where everyone got a lice check and we are happy to report that we are lice free at HVC! The nurses also spoke to the cabins about general camp health, like hydrating, applying sun screen, and daily tick-checks. At this stop campers also got their photo taken, which will be sent home shortly. Interspersed between all of these many activities were camp tours and plenty of down time, perfect for get to know you games like “The Wind is Blowing,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” and a fun HVC favorite “Ninja,” where you strike you best ninja pose and try to strike your neighbors out in just oneĀ fluid motion.

We also had an extra long rest period this afternoon, which gave cabins plenty of time to go over cabin rules, sort out logistics like shower schedules and chore charts, and decide on cabin books for the summer. We also had time to figure out songs or stories to share at this evening’s Pine Grove ceremony, which is sure to be a peaceful and beautiful way to ring in the start of summer here at HVC.

Be sure to check out the photos of all the action happening so far today! More news to come soon.

Peace and love,

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