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Two More Class Days and Lots of Performances Ahead!

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Riding lessons with Ash!

Good morning! It’s Mama Iguana here. I have lots to update everyone on from last night and all the fun activities going on around camp the past couple days!

Last night, Willie Claflin put on an exciting show for all of camp. He told some great stories, along with his friends Maynard the Moose and Grof the Frog! The Rec Hall was full of giggles as Willie cracked jokes left and right. He even put on a recorder performance at the end with his backup singers, three squeaking mice! Enjoy those photos below.

Today is the 7th day of classes! Campers are finishing up art projects, perfecting dances, and preparing for a wonderful sharing night in a couple days!

Tonight’s evening program is the play! Campers and the play directors have been busy preparing for a big night ahead! The play is the first night of many performances coming up the next couple days. Tomorrow is sharing night and in two nights we have the musical! One of the amazing things about the end of camp is seeing all the hard work campers have put in over the past four weeks to put on such splendid performances.

Speaking of 4 week programs, the other day we had the soccer game! Campers on the soccer team and counselors combined to make teams and put on an intense game of soccer during interest groups! Hot dogs were served by Snack Sailor Sam and lots of campers sat around the soccer field to cheer on their friends! In the end, there was a 2-2 tie! The basketball game is today during interest groups! Snack will be served by the basketball courts and the basketball team will be playing our lovely staff. Let the games begin! Along with a wonderful basketball game, white books will also be given out to campers. These are blank notebooks for campers to write each other’s addresses, notes, and memories before everyone heads back home.

We also have been having some exciting wheel prizes happening during meeting. At the Wheel of Misfortune, cabins were awarded prizes from different counselors. A couple days ago, Down Under got to wax Fletcher’s chest, Leah S. had to drink a gross smoothie made by Paquatahnee, and today, Cora was dressed by a cabin in some funky clothes.

Make sure to check out photos from the past couple days: junk food day, the soccer game, Willie Claflin, The Apprentice Program, and some great class-in-action photos!

Have a great day everyone!

Mama Iguana

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