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Trivia Fun and Training in the Sun!

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

A group of lovely yellow and rain-protected friends

Morning, everyone! It’s Luna Bug here, back to fill everyone in on all that’s been going on around camp.

What a wonderful day we’re having here at HVC! Whoah, whoah, whoah, I’m getting ahead of myself- I need to fill everyone in on all that happened yesterday!

That bit of schvitz yesterday didn’t stop our amazing staff from continuing with their training. The ropes crew was down at the ropes course, working with Sully, an out of camp trainer who has been helping us out at at HVC for many years and is an expert in the trees. Ciera led the horse staff through their usual routine down at the horse barn, and they did so with all smiles, although they were definitely ready for the hot tomato soup at lunch. The lifeguards had a long day of training inside yesterday, perfecting their CPR skills in the dining hall. Today everyone’s back outside on the ropes course, horse barn, and pool and lake, respectively- and excited about it (especially with this sunny 70 degree weather)!

Last night was TRIVIA NIGHT!!!!! The counselors were split up into teams of 8, and we went through a few different rounds of questions about topics ranging from HVC trivia to sports trivia to pop culture trivia. In between each round we– WAIT, WHO’S THAT COMING IN THROUGH THE DOORS? It’s Paul! We took a small break from trivia to say hi to Paul, one of the former leaders of Hidden Valley Adventures. He’s back at camp for a few days to work with our new HVA leaders and get the program up and running again.

Okay, back to trivia night! In between each round we played Name That Tune, with DJ Celie and Elise controlling the tunes. Luke proved himself the top name-that-tuner, but overall the Llamazing Team came in first with 59 points. Although it was a close batlle for all, we stressed that HVC is non-competitive and we’re all winners here no matter who finishes with the most points! Oh, and by the way…the answer to yesterday’s trivia question: 29 (the number of years Meg and Peter have been directors at HVC).

Trivia night ended with a giant dance party, and after that we all made our way to the red barn for some quality red barn time. We quickly got a fire going, and everybody sat around playing ping pong, doing puzzles, making friendship bracelets, strumming on guitars, and just hanging out. PK and MK played a ferocious game of air hockey, with Meg’s long braid swinging around the board. At first, it seemed like her long locks were a disadvantage, blocking her view and getting in the way of her moves, but she ultimately took the W, so we think the swinging braid was a helpful distraction to her opponent.

That’s all for now folks, we’ll be in touch as we get deeper into training and out last group of new staff trickle in!

Ta-ta for now!

Luna B.


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