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Trampin’ up to the Horse Barn!!

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Greetings all George of the Jungle here swinging in from the trees on a lovely sunny day in the  Valley.

The At Home with HVC team has been hard at work again this week helping Otis and Hamilton’s campaigns get ready for the big Election next week. Things are really heating up as we head into the final week before the Big Dance. Keep checking out our Instagramand FacebookStories over the next few days for Perspectives from the Animal Barn.

While we’ve been busy in the Animal Barn listening to the Donkey’s petition for greater hay access, Some awesome former Counsellors and Pro-staff members have been spending time with some larger four-legged friends!

Check out 2020 Horse Director Angelaand former Equestrian Staff Robin and Leslieshowing off their tack techniques, grooming genius and Equestrian Expertise in TWO NEW At Home with HVC videos that focus on a favorite HVC area, The Horses.

Leslie, Robin, and Angela’s video will introduce you to the horses that they work with all year round outside of camp and give you a little taste of what the Horse Program is like at Hidden Valley.


The Horse Barn at HVC is a big and beloved program that encompasses a full equestrian staff, and more than 15 four-legged Horse friends who join us each summer to help teach and instruct campers. Every summer at Hidden Valley dozens of campers take horse riding lessons to improve upon their skills or learn the basics of horse riding.

Alongside regular horse riding lessons, Hidden Valley is also home to the Brumby Program where campers with riding experience spend the summer helping to care, tack, feed, and groom the horses as well as expanding upon their riding abilities. The Brumby program always culminates in a Horse Show on Fair Day known as the Brumby Fun Show. And let me tell you, they aren’t lying when they call it the ‘fun show’, one of my favorite parts of the summer is watching campers vault, canter, and jump on horseback… It’s AMAZING.. plus the promise of fried dough later in the day really sweetens the morning.

Check out some great pictures below that showcase the HVC horse program in previous summers.

The At Home with HVC crew also have some super special secret guest stars that will be making their debut on Hidden Valley’s Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels tomorrow.

I’m not allowed to say exactly who it is just yet but I can tell you that this dynamic duo are absolute Hidden Valley Legends and the campers and counselors alike go nuts when these two come TRAMPIN’ down Camp Road. Make sure you check in tomorrow to learn more about our special guest.

Anyhoozle I’m off to tend to my sooooooooooooolar power fields so until next time stay safe, have fun and watch out for those trees!!!


George of the Jungle






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