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Tons of Talent and So Many Surprises on Day Six of Classes!

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Grace’s improv painting!

Hi there! It’s me, Cara B., here with an update on this glorious warm, sunny day.

If you caught yesterday’s evening post, you’ll know that we finally had the long awaited Candy Drop! Just as we were about to gather for evening meeting, we heard a buzzing murmur up in the sky. It was none other than the Candy Drop plane! We ran over to the soccer field with pillow cases and sheets in hand. Many cabin groups used what I like to call the “Meg’s Rodeo water balloon toss tarp strategy,” holding a sheet together and running under the candy to catch the sweet treats before they even hit the ground. Others went about the drop the old fashioned way, running as fast as they could to collect the candy once it hit the grass. After all the excitement, we headed back to the Gazebo to debrief.

We learned that the amazing droppers were fabulous fourth year staff, Jacob and Peter I., who received their Candy Drop shirts today during morning meeting. Not many people noticed, but Jacob and Peter actually dropped french fries from dinner the first time around! Droppers from previous years went up in front of meeting to talk about their experiences, and we read some mysterious notes that were attached to the candy, including “fake fact,” “where’s the plane?” “burst the star,” and “five cups of coffee.” We were all pretty confused, but the AWACs seemed to find these notes totally hilarious.

After enjoying our dinner of burgers and fries with all the fix-ins outside picnic style, we gathered in the Rec Hall for the Staff Talent Show! Boy, who knew we had such a talented group of staff? Charlotte solved some tricky math problems, a large crew of counselors danced the awkward Macarena, Natalie, Emma W., Seth, and Leah S., all sang wonderful songs, and Sandia did too with some help from Dario on Piano. Rob P. showed off his pen flipping skills, Grace painted a picture using audience requests, Emma J. signed along to a song from Hamilton, and Seth did some hilariously emotional improv poetry using suggestions from the audience. The AWACs finished off the night by doing the Harlem Shake! If that wasn’t enough of a blast, we continued the evening with a surprise dance before heading off to bed.

Today is the sixth day of classes! We had our bagel Sunday breakfast, heard some beautiful dulcimer music played by Meg and Tom before morning meeting, and got covered in cereal when Forbidden summoned the spirit of “alternative drops,” throwing Frosted Mini Wheats at everyone. Tonight is Cabin Night, so each cabin will be doing a super special activity with their cabin group. Tomorrow is another fabulous lazy day, where the older two thirds of camp will be going to the Bangor State Fair, while the younger half stays on camp for the…”Unfair…” We’ll have to stay tuned for an update from Mama Iguana on that one.

That’s all from me! But before I go, a quick update on what our awesome teen program, ALIVE! has been up to:

Hey, guys! Here’s our report from this first week of ALIVE! We had our sketchbook initiation ceremony and got to work drawing and making collages. We’ve written poems, taken light photography pictures, and made glass beads. In classes, we have been choreographing, acting, singing, making typography, paper mache-ing, making pottery, playing ukulele, and so much more! Asher and Chance have even put together a giant sun catcher in their spare time. Friday Night we set up a gallery at the Rock Dance for the rest of camp to come see! Now we are starting to plan for our showcase performance at the end of the session, so stay tuned for more!

Awesome! Enjoy photos from the Staff Talent Show, and the surprise dance!

Climbing away,

Cara B. Ner

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