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Tic-Tac-Who? And more Llamapalooza surprises!

Friday, June 10th, 2016


Hello friends! Olive Oyl here, bundled up in a fleece and wool socks on another chilly staff training morning. But I’m feeling warm just thinking about all the running around and fun that was had last night during llamapalooza!

Last night after dinner, we gathered in Deer Meadows field for the very first official evening program of staff training, the one and only camp classic, LLAMAPALOOZA!!! Before evening activities started, we found some wild strawberries in the field, which was a marvelous sight. Be sure to check out the photos! It was an especially exciting night because we introduced a brand new original game, Tic-Tac-Tobie. Picture this: tic-tac-toe, frisbee, and a viking named Tobie. Make sense? For those of you that are still confused, this new activity featured a giant tic-tac-toe board where each “x” or “o” was marked by a frisbee toss. There were “x” and “o” teams, with each member getting one frisbee toss as their turn. Now factor in Tobie, a very angry Viking who is deflecting shots. It was hilarious and a great variation on an old camp favorite. We also had old standards like dizzy bat, the wacky obstacle course, rock, tree, bridge, and the water balloon toss. Of course there was blind llama sculpting, in which someone gets a word and must sculpt that thing out of clay without looking while everyone else has to guess. There was also booty box, another newer llamapalooza addition, that involves shaking your stuff till you get all the ping pong balls out of the box. We ended the night with a giant game of Ninja, where we split the staff into two groups and had the four champions battle for the title of Ultimate Ninja. With a fierce final round, booty box extraordinaire Moses came out on top. We can’t wait till llamapalooza part two, which is really llamapalooza part one for the campers. It will be the grand unveiling of tic-tac-tobie and we can’t wait!

Today’s another day of trainings, with lifeguards watching videos this morning and heading down to the pool in the afternoon. Ropes staff are down at the course getting acquainted, as are our horse folks. This evening is another fun night, with Trivia happening the dining hall. It’s always an awesome night, with name that tune, HVC trivia, and lots more categories! Let’s see how much random stuff we know!

That’s all for now folks, be sure to check out the llamapalooza pics!

Forever yours,


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