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The Wheel of Misfortune!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

Howdy HVC!

It’s Mag-O-Llama here and I’ve got so many updates from yesterday’s amazing evening program.

Last night was the Wheel of Misfortune! The Circus came to town and struck chaos all around HVC! Let me fill you in on how the night went down.

From the start, campers were foretold not to attend the Circus by the Fortune Teller and others who had an inclining that the night would end in shambles. The Fortune Teller also warned not to trust the circus ring leader, and for good reason.

As the night went on, campers decided to test their luck at the Circus and slowly realized that the counselor’s where being hypnotized by the ring leader and her devious circus clowns. With attempts to save them, campers participated in eating dirty diapers, flossing their siblings teeth, searching for eye balls, and getting their toes into some intestines. Not to mention, Wheel prizes of course!

Thankfully, the Fortune Teller saved the day by setting the circus clowns free of the Ring Leader’s trance and summed a team to light the Ring Leaders head on fire.

As you can tell, we had quite the night. Now, I’ve gotta make sure that the ring leader hasn’t escaped HVC!

Peace, Love and Llama Hugs,



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