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The Valley Best of Wheel of Misfortunes

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Hey HVC Families!

It’s been a wild last couple of days for our campers.

After a day of classes on Sunday, campers headed to the Rec Hall Stage for the famous Wheel of Misfortune.

This year’s theme was about finding urban legends, Slender Man, Moth Man, and Goat Man, at Disney World.

On their walk to the field, campers were greeted by “Disney employees” warning campers of something wrong, various Disney characters, and water balloons being thrown from the Rec Hall roof.

The show featured special challenges for the campers including searching for jelly beans in spaghetti with their feet and bobbing for ping pong balls, the sibling floss, pies to the face, and the kidnapping of several staff performers.

As always, campers’ cabins all received fun prizes, including getting to choose haircuts and hair colors of counselors, pie-ing counselors, and turning counselors into human sundaes.

Rumor has it one cabin’s prize is even to choose a photo to feature on this very blog!

Monday was a not-so-Lazy Day for campers.

Our older cabins, as well as Gimme Shelter and Camelot headed bowling in the morning. They didn’t take any gophers, but they did come back talking about Turkeys, wh

ich I found super confusing.

Our younger half was on camp for Pirate Day. The campers headed to different stations, which included making pirate hats and taking rides on the pirate ship, otherwise known as the Snack-ter.

HVA went on a super sweet (and salty) sea-kayaking adventure in Camden. They got to row their boats through waves as merrily as could be.

In the evening, campers headed to the backyard for Valley Fest, our camper talent show. This year, HVC broke a record for the most acts. The magic number—41!

Campers sang, acted, danced, unicycled, and much much more last evening. Valley Fest this year was indeed the the valley best.

Today, campers returned to classes and will end their night at the beach-themed dance.

I have to wave bye for now to sea if I can find my favorite sunglasses before tonight.


Gopher Girl


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