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The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so is camp!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
Beautiful bird house at Blodgett

Beautiful bird house at Blodgett

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Olive Oyl and Hummingbird are reunited and back at beautiful HVC. The sun is shining, the donkeys are donkey-ing, and staff are arriving! We’ve been checking out the scene all over camp, seeing what’s changed, seeing what feels just the same.

Today is an exciting day out on the ropes course, where returning staff are setting up the course and getting all of our new equipment settled in. We have a bunch of new ropes and helmets, but the same old ropes course featuring the beloved spider’s web, saddle, and zip line. In about a week or so, a load of new staff will arrive to begin their speciality trainings, one of which is ropes! We can’t wait to get started.

We also meandered down to the rec hall where we saw the gorgeous new deck out back in addition to some loft space backstage for extra storage for props and costumes.

Meanwhile, counselors have been busy with work crews all over camp, clearing trails and setting up our art studios, just to name a few. Our amazing community team, Heather and Celie, are up at Blodgett getting things ready for our first session community teens. So far, they’ve got the garden started with some swiss chard (complete with seaweed mulch, harvested from nearby Sears Island) and potatoes growing, and new seedlings are on the way. There’s also going to be an herb box, which former Community counselor Sandy made, to store herbs from the garden for cooking. So much action, big and small, to make this program fun and exciting and full of veggies this summer!

Slowly and surely there will be newbies and returners arriving in the next few weeks as we pick up the pace with getting camp camper-ready! Keep checking in to see the latest news. And don’t forget to check out the photos!

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