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The Pool…Fun! Plus more Fun!

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

The whole crew!

Hey everybody! Luna Bug here, reporting for the first time from beautiful Maine. I’m so excited to be reporting alongside Olive Oyl, sharing news of everything happening here on camp.

After observing a gorgeous pink and purple sunset, PK reminded everybody of the saying “red sky at night sailors delight.” Last night we were a bit confused, seeing as not many of us are sailors, but this morning we figured out why a red sky would be so great. We woke up to the most beautiful blue sky and warm weather that has continued all day!

The lifeguards sure are happy about this weather! Today they got started on their first day of lifeguard training. In the morning Phillie and Courtney took the lifeguard crew down the pool- first swim of the summer in there! Switching between drills and sun bathers, Olive and I are happy to report that the lifeguards were all smiles.

Yesterday, Megan led Hamilton for a mid afternoon jaunt to get him better acquainted with camp. After strolling for a nice twenty minutes, paparazzi and all, Hamilton returned to his cozy spot in the the llama pen. We’re not sure if the llamas think they’re pigs or if Hamilton thinks he’s a llama. More updates on that, later.

The kitchen staff arrived last night and this morning which means that Chris and Lillian are getting the kitchen up and running. All winter Chris and Lillian have been diligently working on their pancake flipping skills, perfecting the secret Gaye pasta recipe, and debating the merits of scrambled versus fried eggs for egg bar. Our first official meal will be lunch today and we can’t wait.

Be sure to check out the photos from this gorgeous day and stay tuned as Olive and I continue to report only the best.

Over and out,

Luna and Olive

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