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The One Where HVA Returns…and so does Cabin Night

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Good morning HVC friends,

HVC had a fantastic July 4th! Peter and Meg asked that each of the campers and counselors sport a shirt or hat of a place that was important to them in recognition of the federal holiday. It was neat to see places all over the world represented!

In addition, HVA returned from their 7-day, 66-mile canoe trip! They got to tell the rest of the camp all about it at morning meeting. Don’t forget to check out their awesome canoeing pics attached at the bottom.

Yesterday, on July 4th, they beat the record of spotting 27 bald eagles, creating a new record of 30!

The rest of camp returned to their classes, some of them fastidiously preparing for Sharing Night, which is coming up soon.

Many have created theories surrounding when Junk Food Day will arrive, but these theories have not yet been confirmed, even by the myriad of clues floating around camp. I’m still a little worried about missing it for my chiropractic appointment, but most of the theories support the idea that I won’t miss it on behalf of my old gopher joints.

Evening program last night was a blast. Campers had their second cabin night of the session, and I floated from cabin to cabin to see what each of them were up to.

LCH worked with AnneMarie in the woodshop.

Avalon had fun with glassblowing in the Beehive.

Wombles enjoyed karaoke night.

French Quarter hung out at the sauna and did facials.

Loons made glass beads.

Gimme Shelter got to make bunting with Omolara at the Upper Carriage House.

Bermuda Triangle ziplined down the hill, and then made s’mores.

Paquatahnee tie dyed and made s’mores.

Valhalla ziplined down the hill, and then sang karaoke.

Camelot got to hang out with Phillipe and do glass fusing.

Forbidden Planet enjoyed camper’s night off at the Basketball Court.

Halley’s Comet also enjoyed camper’s night off at the Basketball Court.

Shangri-La did a slumber party and movie at the Foothills.

Fiddler’s Green tie dyed and enjoyed camper’s night off at the Buckhorn and Basketball Court.

Taj Mahal enjoyed camper’s night off at the Basketball Court.

Community went on a trip to get ice cream and visit the ocean in Belfast.

Today, campers will return to classes and finish their evening with Grab Bag Skits, where each cabin will receive a bag with a variety of items and work together to create a skit to perform for the camp after they reconvene.

I’m hoping to hop in a grab bag so I can participate, but I’ll have to find a better outfit. Luckily, yesterday was my laundry day, so I may be in luck!


Gopher Girl




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