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The Musical and Start of Fair Day!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Kieran on his throne!

Hello hello! Mama Iguana here with lots to update you on from last night and this morning!

Last night’s evening program was the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! It was a beautiful musical told entirely in song! The plot was based off of the story from the bible, “Coat of Many Colors.” It was absolutely incredible seeing all the hard work this small cast put in to create a detailed storyline. Oh, and did I mention they were singing the entire time?! The backstage ninjas and costume crew worked hard as well to put on this performance. Make sure to check out the youtube video, that will be posted in the fall, to watch the entire production!

This morning, we had some early wake ups for a nice jog! Campers and counselors had the option of running in our fair day fun run this morning. Campers who wanted to run woke up early and had an energizing breakfast before heading up camp road to race! Everyone else had a normal morning and met up in the front yard for meeting! About half way through meeting, campers came speeding in and crossing the finish line! Everyone was there to cheer them on at the finish line and it was a great way to start fair day!

After meeting, everyone went back to their cabins for packing day junior! As Peter has been telling the campers, the more we pack now, the easier packing day tomorrow will be! Everyone was busy packing, cleaning, and setting up their booths for the afternoon.

And right now as I type, the Brumby horse show is about to start! Brumby, our horse program, has been working really hard everyday to take care of the horses, advance their riding skills, and prepare for the show today! We can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on! After the show, the fair shall begin!

As for now, check out photos from the musical last night and the fun run this morning! Cara B. will be back this evening to give you a fair day update!

Gotta go get my fried dough!

Mama Iguana

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