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The Lake, The 90s, and Cabin Night!

Monday, August 4th, 2014


Good afternoon, ladies and gents! Olive Oyl here with your lazy day update!

First off, last night was another amazing cabin night, oh what a night! Avalon had a water balloon fight and made s’mores and Loons also had some food and fun, with Capture the Flag and hot cocoa. Wombles hopped on the s’mores bandwagon with a hike and then some fireside treats by the Log Cabin. Lower Carriage House had an evening atop Tipi Hill, hanging out with the Tipis campers and enjoying the scenery from up above. Chateau Fiasco had a mystery evening and cookout. They received a clue at dinner, then dressed up in camouflage to hunt down the PDs, who had “stolen” various items. Once they found all the clues they had the materials to make brownies! Yum! Bermuda Triangle did Tipi Zip art, using water balloons  and paint to make a beautiful masterpiece from up in the trees. Forbidden Planet had a “pancake race” where they were split up into four teams and received matches, a log, and birch bark. They then had four minutes to search for more items to make a fire. Once their fires were set, they whipped up some pancakes! Awesome! On the girls’ side, the Burrow made a music video and s’mores and Down Under did a scavenger hunt and splatter painting down at the Tree House. French Quarter was in the glass studio with Gabe working on a beautiful mural for their cabin and Paquatahnee went on a scavenger hunt all over camp. Shangri-La tie-dyed t-shirts and Camelot made s’mores pizza in the pizza oven. Valhalla had a similar idea with desert pizza in the snack shack and Fiddler’s Green made glass beads. Taj Mahal made clay tiles of various shapes to string together for a collaborative cabin art piece. Finally, our teen programs, Alive! and Adventures joined together for a contra dance in the Rec Hall, complete with a live band! Adventures got back from their trip yesterday and they had a blast! More details and photos to come tomorrow.

It’s been an awesome day so far for both the older and younger half. Our younger folks left after breakfast this morning for a fun day at nearby Lake St. George. There’ll be swimming, relaxing by the water, frisbee, soccer, friendship bracelets, and other usual camp staples. They’ll also enjoy a delicious picnic lunch before they head back to camp for a super cabin clean and rest period.

The older half had a pretty exciting morning with a super cabin clean and then 90s Nick Day! There were a whole variety of themed activities, like Slime Time Live in the dunk tank and Dexter’s Lab, where they did mad science like oobleck on speakers and diet coke and mentos. We also had scary monster mask making, Family Feud trivia, and a Legend of the Hidden Temple/CatDog race. Finally, we had recess games like Spud and Kickball and ice block sledding down Tipi Hill. It was a ton of nostalgic fun. Our older half cabins enjoyed some lunch and are now having a nice, long rest period before they head over to pool activities, where they can cool off and take a dip, or just hang out by the water and write letters home, play magic, or jam on instruments.

After chowing down on many a slice of pizza this evening, all of camp will be reunited for movie night! It’s sure to be a fun and relaxing way to wind down this spectacular trip and lazy day.

Be sure to check out all the cool photos from cabin night and 90s Nick Day!

Over and out,


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