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The Gang’s All Here!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

The M&M Game and Shrinky Dinks not pictured!

Another day, another egg bar! After a delicious morning of soft yolks and toasted bread, I, Luna Bug, am here ready to share all that’s been going on at camp since we last gave an update!

In the past two days, our final 12 staff members arrived on camp, which is super exciting! It’s been amazing getting to know everyone, and now that we’ve completed our ~danger area~ trainings, we’re moving into more general trainings in the many other different areas camp.

After a fabulous taco night, our returning counselors, colloquially known as returners, led the Cabin Nights that they had been planning for the past few days. Each staff training cabin did completely different activities, ranging from scavenger hunts to shrinky dinks to basketball to glass blowing. Check out all the photos below and see if you can figure out what everyone was up to!

Today has been busy, busy, busy! After an earlier-than-usual 8am breakfast we jumped quickly into meetings, trainings, swim evaluations, trips to walmart, tours, and everything and anything in between. Our lifeguards and new staff were particularly happy about the swim evals today because, after another hot and sunny day here at HVC, the pool was the perfect refresher!

Our evening program tonight is booth night! Essentially, booth night is a fun and easy way for our new staff to get familiar and up to speed with aaaaall the camp lingo, and everything about camp that campers and returning staff already know. Our returning staff runs different stations and the new counselors will be able to go around asking questions and getting all the info they need.

We’re doing our best to stay cool and hydrated over here at HVC, and wherever you are reading this we hope you do the same!

Until tomorrow!


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