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The first trip/lazy day!!

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

More pals with ukuleles!

Hey, HVC family! Hummingbird here with your FIRST TRIP/LAZY DAY UPDATE!! Our younger half woke up today to a beautiful eggy breakfast and packed everything up to go to Lake Saint George!! They swam in the lake, they played on the playground, they read, they friendship-bracelet-made, and had the best time! We’ll have pictures of their trip to come tomorrow! Meanwhile, on camp….

The older half woke up quite a bit later than usual and enjoyed a leisurely eggy breakfast before heading to ARCADE DAY!! We had a blindfolded claw machine, a Pac-Man maze, fortune telling, Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Kart Racing, ring tosses, and Farmville Animal Adventures!! It was so much fun- check out the pictures!! Also meanwhile….

The Hidden Valley Adventures (Lite) program went on a hike today up Bald Mountain in Camden! Check out the pictures of their expedition!

Tonight we will enjoy a stellar performance by the legendary Kim and Reggie… I REALLY hope they play Trampin’ and Solar Power!! Check back in tomorrow to see which lucky cabins get to come up on stage and sing a song with them….

I’m off to get the sand from the beach out of my feathers… a bird just can’t fly with sandy wings!



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