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The First Lazy Day!!!

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Hello Folks!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here and I’ve got a few updates for you all on this beautiful and sunny day!!  Today was the very first lazy day of the session! The younger half campers went to enjoy a fantastic day out at Lake St. George and the older half stayed on camp for Hydration Day!

The younger half enjoyed Lake St. George with a dip in the lake, playground fun, a reading circle, frisbee, and some friendship bracelet making! They ended their trip with an amazing lunch and had some surprise ice cream when they got back on camp! After the ice cream, the younger campers went back to their cabins to clean up for their cabin inspections!

The older half stuck around camp for some hydration activities like the blow-up slip n’ slide, water-themed karaoke, a water balloon toss, a water balloon battle, drip drip drop, a water obstacle course, and an exquisite WATER TASTING!!! After a day of being super-duper hydrated, the older cabins had their cabin clean and rest period after lunch and are now enjoying some activities down at the pool!! Check out the pictures below! 🙂

Last night’s evening program was ELECTIVES!!!!!! Campers got to choose from over 20 activities that each counselor organized! There was bead making, fairy houses down by the creek, magic the gathering, fire building 101 (plus Smore’s’!!), and so much more! Check out the pictures below!!

I’m going to go reserve my Llama seat for tonights evening program… Willie Claflin!!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!

Mag-O-Llama 🙂

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