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The fair, the Olympics, the seventh day of classes… OH THE HUMANITY!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016


Good morning, friends! Humming Bird here with updates on ALL! THINGS! CAMP!!!

Yesterday was our SECOND Trip Lazy Day of the session! The older half went to the Bangor State Fair, while the younger half stayed behind for the Almost Olympics!! Our “countries” participated in the camp version of the upcoming Olympics, doing some wild events, like medal-making, obstacle course triathlon, national anthem-writing, ring tag, slip ‘n’ slide swimming, and more! The opening and closing ceremonies were a beautiful tribute to the camp countries! It was a wonderful day!

Check out photos from the older half’s trip to the Bangor State Fair! They rode the rides, they saw the sights, they ate the eats! It was a very FAIR day! Ha! Geddit? Oh well..

It’s the seventh day of classes– OH MY GOODNESS! That means that the first two weeks of classes are almost done!! On this aloha-tastic second-to-last day of classes, we’re enjoying some slightly cooler weather on camp– a welcome break from all the heat!!

After we finish up all our classes for the day, we will gather for a night of…. BAZZINGA!!! What is that, Humming Bird?!?! Well, it’s this cRaZy night where cabins switch counselors for the evening, and then do wacky activities with their new counselors!! Stay tuned for some silly photos to come tomorrow!

Enjoy these photos from the fair! And stay tuned for more updates! I’m off to go contemplate the odds of a second candy drop.

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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