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The Fair, Peter Boie, and More!

Friday, August 1st, 2014


Hi world! Lady of the Lake here with another batch of HVC news.

Yesterday, after lunch and rest period, the younger half headed off to their own pool activities, while the older half hit up the Bangor State Fair. At the fair, campers headed off in small groups to experience the amazing rides and treats offered. There were rides that went high into the air, upside down, and spun at incredible speeds. Among the many delectable snacks, there were fried Oreos, cotton candy, fries, corn dogs, and lemonade. In addition to the numerous rides and snacks, there was an agricultural center and many animals to view. Campers and counselors alike had an absolute blast.

Once we reconvened at camp, we had a fantastic taco bar. We could smother our tacos with perfectly sizzled ground meet, moist refried beans, fresh tomatoes and cheese, home-made guacamole and salsa, and corn. For dessert, we had superbly delicious churros, a camp favorite.

After the feast, we had a special guest performer, the magician Peter Boie! Peter Boie has been coming to camp for many years, and his act is always a hit with the kids. Earlier in the day, a few cabins took part in workshops with Peter Boie. They got to ask questions and even learned a few tricks of the trade. Last night, he did all sorts of crazy acts, including escaping from a straight jacket! He got loads of people from the audience involved, too. We were all totally wowed by the end.

This morning, we had a particularly exciting morning meeting. We had one of our staff members get pied in the face. Remember the scavenger hunt at electives a few nights back? Well, the winner of that got to pie a staff member. It was pretty funny for all of us to see.

Right now, we’re all at classes enjoying the spectacular weather. Speaking of classes, I’m going to tell you all about some other amazing classes we are offering these two weeks.

One is a 2d art class, taught by two of our very own program directors, Hilary and Shannon. Their class, which is offered to the older half only, experiments with different mediums, like pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and pastels, and different techniques, like shading and perspective. The kids are working on a final piece with a theme, like nature or people. We can’t wait to see their work in the final art show.

Other awesome classes we are offering are a latin fusion dance class and an aerobics class. The campers in those classes are really getting to groove!

We also have a Harry Potter cooking class these two weeks. If campers have ever wanted to taste what the wizards of Hogwarts were eating, they get to now! For those craving a yummy treat, we also have an ice cream making class. They’re getting to make all sorts of flavors.

There’s blind art this session, where campers are creating masterpieces without using their eyes. Their work is always quite humorous. We also have painting without paint, where kids get to paint with anything but paint. They’ve used tools like ketchup and oil. Who knows what they’ll do next. We even have a music video class, where campers who like both making videos and music get to shine.

It’s a great time to be a camper here at HVC, that’s for sure.

More news to come later about tonight’s evening program, the Staff Talent Show.


Lady of the Lake

Check out the gallery below of Alive! getting ready for Belfast Statue Night. Tonight the group will head into Belfast to act as human statues as a form of live art. Awesome!


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