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The day after Fair Day…. Packing Day :(

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Hello, HVC folks! Hummingbird here with LOTS of pictures from the past few days!! And of course I’m here with updates too 🙂

Since we last spoke we’ve woken up to a slightly less festivity-filled day here in the Valley. You guessed it, today is PACKING DAY! All our campers have been working hard all morning to pack up everything they brought to camp 2 or 4 weeks ago, just as neatly as when they packed it up at home (or at least trying!) So while our campers are doing all that boring stuff and getting ready for the LOBSTER BANQUET tonight, take a look at pictures from yesterday’s Fair Day and Monday’s musical, The Little Mermaid!!

To end the afternoon, each cabin did a final cabin activity. Here’s what the cabins did!!

LCH did an egg drop

Avalon did the Tipi Zip

Loons made S’mores

Gimme Shelter hung out with some worms and the dirt

Atlantis found a car in the middle of the woods

Treasure Island baked some cookies

Forbidden Planet went to the skate park

Wabanaki played some water polo

Down Under did a closing circle

Paquatahnee did some warm and fuzzies

French Quarter also did some warm and fuzzies

Wombles had a balloon memory dance party

Fiddlers Green did a web circle

Camelot did warm and fuzzies

Valhalla also did some warm and fuzzies

Shangri-La had a web circle

Taj Mahal had some popsicles

Haley’s Comet had a goodbye groom with the horses

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the Lobster Banquet, Pinegrove, and *sniffle sniffle* departure day *soft sobs* before we get ready to do it ALL OVER AGAIN with second session!!!

Packing up my nest,

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