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The Counselors Are Here!!

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Good afternoon from Gopher Girl!

Camp’s been bustling with activity as most of our counselors have arrived over the past week. They’ve come on buses, planes, cars, and trains from around the country and worldwide! This year we have counselors coming from Australia, England, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, Jordan, France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland! I, for one, am so grateful to have extra friends around camp (and am crossing my fingers that they accidentally drop a snack or two for me). Last night we had a block party in the backyard with lawn games, snacks, a fire, and some great tunes!

Between games of volleyball and frisbee, plenty of cards, and keeping cozy by the fire, our counselors have been working hard to prepare for the arrival of our campers! The ropes crew has been training and getting to know our ropes course. The lifeguards have been training at the pool to become Red Cross and waterfront certified. The horse staff greeted our four-legged friends last Wednesday and have been getting to know them very well. The video team has been getting familiar with the various cameras at their disposal and has been wandering around camp capturing fantastic footage of all the goings-on (staff training video coming soon!).

While most of our more artistic staff don’t arrive until Monday, many studios are still getting plenty of use! Ceramics, glass-working, and drawing studios are being set up right now. Many of the counselors have painted and glazed their annual “counselor mugs” and many more will soon. Also, the rec hall is being tidied and cleaned and the boxes and boxes of costumes are being organized to get ready for the theater productions!

Also… the kittens are here!! Six beautiful kittens arrived this last week and are currently living in the apartment upstairs in the office before they’re ready to be outdoors. They came in quite shy and with some light sniffles but are getting more and more friendly and healthy by the day. They are excited to meet the campers! See pics below!

One last thing! The counselors are playing trivia tonight! Here are some questions for those of you playing at home:

  1. Which staff member has been working at Hidden Valley the longest?
  2. How many years have Peter and Meg been Hidden Valley camp directors?
  3. How many buildings are on camp?

Answers are below the picture gallery!


Gopher Girl


  1. Lucia, our office manager!
  2. 36 years
  3. 70!
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