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The Candy is Sorted, Let the Conspiracies Begin!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Good evening, ladies and germs! Cara here with a super special late night update.

Tonight after dark, the AWACs crept out of the AWAC shack and down to Peter’s office to sort the candy drop candy! With patience and care, the AWACs took each delectable morsel out of its bag, inspected its deliciousness, and promptly dumped the rest of the bag onto the floor so that they could lay in a pile of candy because how often do you get that opportunity??

After taking some photos, test tasting the treats, and determining that the sour twizzler is the most aerodynamic candy, the WACs put the candy into brown bags to prepare to be dropped. They also threw in a few special notes to be dropped when candy drop day arrives.

Speaking of which, now that the candy is sorted, the candy drop could officially happen at any moment!!! Could it be soon? Could it be tomorrow?? Only time and camper candy drop conspiracy theories will tell… stay tuned!


Cara B. Ner

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