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Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Howdy doody, camp folks! Hummingbird here with your update from the Valley! THE AWACS. ARRIVED. TODAY. !!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what that means…. FIRST SESSION IS ALMOST HERE!! And we are all getting SO excited!! Counselors have already picked out cabin themes! We have the….
Lower Carriage House aliens
Avalon adventurers
Olde Castle Loons
Gimme Shelter swamp monsters
Atlantis sportlantis
Treasure Island pirates
Wabanaki wasps
Taj Mahal time travelers
Camelot lots of camels
Valhalla velociraptors
Forbidden Planet forbidden granite
Paquatahnee pandas
Wombles wombears
French Quarter under the sea
Haley’s Comet heroes
Shangri-La shangri-lasers
Down Under divers
Fiddlers Green beans
Community outside

We’ve got some super creative themes, and counselors get to decorate their cabins to their themes TOMORROW!!

Oh, and I know you’re all wondering about the dining hall dragon… I’m pleased to report that he is back in the dining hall, safe and sound, thanks to our lifeguards’ practice drills! Our dragon flies over the dining hall to absorb some of the noise of mealtimes, so you can imagine the inconvenience when he flies right out the door! But he’s back home now, and he’s promised to stay there for all of first session šŸ™‚ It was perfect timing, too, because tonight was our staff lobster banquet, and it got pretty loud!! Staff and AWACs were treated to a beautiful lobster dinner, prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. Stay tuned for photos tomorrow!

I’m off to find some leftover lobster… YUM!

Get crackin’!

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