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The Arrival of Arrival Day!

Saturday, June 28th, 2014


Hey guys! Lady of the Lake here with exciting news about arrival day!

Cars have been trickling in since around 9am this morning, and camp is abuzz with excitement! Campers and their families are meeting the staff and chatting with Peter and Meg. Campers are settling in and unpacking, as well as partaking in the many activities taking place in the front yard. Some campers are gathered around a guitar to have a sing-a-long, while others are beginning intricate friendship bracelets. Soccer balls are flying and frisbees are soaring – it’s beginning to look a lot like camp! The kittens are making appearances, too, and are a big hit (how could four lovable, fuzzy kittens not be?). There is also a giant mosaic that campers are working on, and it’s sure to come out phenomenally. Inside the Red Barn, campers are playing foosball and other games, like Uno and cards. Families are also wandering around camp and getting to know the area, as well as having some quality time with the llamas. Lots of families are also joining us for lunch. The New York and Boston buses are on their way, and will be here in time for dinner.

Be sure to check out pictures of campers loading the NYC and Boston buses and everything that’s happening here in Maine! We’ll also be posting this evening once our campers have arrived safely and soundly.

Until next time,

Lady of the Lake

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