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Swimming, dancing and mugs OH MY…staff training continues!!!

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Sadie the llama checking in on this wonderful Thursday! 

A lot has happened in training since the last time we talked. On Monday, our counselors got to explore the surrounding towns. Some spent their time grabbing extra needed supplies, hiked the local state parks or simply hung around camp. While others took a more touristy approach, like grabbing a bite of Maine’s food staple, lobster rolls, or snagging gifts for friends at home. This well earned time was a great break away from the hustle and bustle of our busy training schedule.

Not so dizzy, dizzy bat.

Booty Bounce!


On Tuesday, our lifeguards dove right into swim evaluations for all of our counselors. This consisted of swimming laps and treading water. Everyone came in with a positive and encouraging mindset despite the rainy weather. Meanwhile, others spent their time getting trained in our driving school. Most spent their time honing in on their skills to better prepare for transporting campers to some fun and exciting places we have planned. 


Going up!

Counselors have been talking about ways to welcome you to the camp. The beloved interest groups have started to become more frequent and filled with fun surprises! Counselors spent time creating and decorating their mugs to sip their morning cup of joe (or tea) in. We even did a practice round of llamapalooza (or is it Megs rodeo?). There was even a night set up with games and activities. Some of these included, carving clay blindfolded, Trivia night or catching llama eggs (aka water balloons) in a tarp. We are so excited to share these games with you soon enough! One night we were even surprised with an AWESOME dance party with a live band. Everyone put on their BEST dancing shoes and danced the night away.



With all that said, arts and training areas have continued to stay busy learning the strategies needed to teach glass blowing, photography, archery and so much more! We cannot wait for your arrival. Check below for more photos of all the happenings, and don’t forget to check out the frequent insta and facebook posts for more behind-the-scenes peeks!


Till next time, Sadie the llama is trotting out. 

Dancing train…Choo Choo!

Making some cool glass beads!



Elephant march fun!

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