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Sweet, Sweet Cabin of Mine

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016


Aloha everyone!

Put on your colorful clothes and hawaiian shirts, because we are fighting this cloudy weather with our own personal sunshine on this beautiful Aloha Tuesday! Every tuesday we encourage everyone to wear their hawaiian-esque clothes with many colors and tropical flowers. At evening meeting, the ukelele class then presents a homemade hawaiian lei to the most colorful member of camp out there! Sometimes the combinations of color are CRAZY awesome and make it more of a alo-HA tuesday!!

Last night we had a fabulous cabin night (as always) as cabins bonded and participated in the fun activities their counselors had planned for them. We saw some CRAZY activities (this seems to be a theme here at HVC!) and some more relaxing and calming activities.

Loons had a Jedi ceremony in which they went to the…*dramatic violin music*…END OF THE WORLD!! Campers built a huge structure of items and then lit it on fire. What a way to start off a summer full of Star Wars for these Loons boys!

LCH made adorable bees out of rock at the Gazebo.

Avalon went on an exciting treasure hunt that ended with all you want to see…and eat…s’mores.

Wombles went along with their wizarding them and magically made wands to use around camp! Bring it to a dance party and it will be an abraca-DAB-ra type of night.

Down Under went deep into the jungle when they were blindfolded and led to the tree house where they got in touch with their inner jungle animals. There was face painting and finger painting galore. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The Burrow underwent Bandit training that all stealthy bandits have to go through to be the best in the field. They went on a fun scavenger hunt and then made awesome costumes to go with it! They were so cute.

Paquatahnee played some glow in the dark bocce ball on the lawn and ended the night making some SWEET s’mores. The more I write about s’mores, the more it makes me want some!

French Quarter had a delightful night of planets as they made gorgeous dream catchers. Never again will a French Quarter girl have a bad dream!

Shangri-La made totally rad tie dye socks, ate m&m’s in a game, and made a cabin poster with fruit to go along with their silly cabin theme of “Fruit Salad.”

Gimme Shelter made worry stones to wash their worries away and ate, yes you did just hear my stomach grumble, s’mores!

Valhalla had a lovely spa night to unwind as they relaxed at the lake with some delicious s’mores. Nothing says spa therapy like good ole chocolate, roasted marshmallows and graham crackers.

Wabanaki had a “Mad Hatter” tea party at the pool in which they drank decaf tea and swam their hearts out. Mad Hatters or Mermaids? You tell me!

Camelot‘s superheroes fought crime around camp and solved the case of the missing counselor! The super hunt ended with our heroes earning their capes, which they decorated in the Animal House!

Treasure Island had an INTENSE treasure hunt in which their counselors built a treasure box and hid it so that campers had to search with a metal detector to find it. Little did the campers know that the metal detector only beeped when there was no metal, and was silent when there was metal. What sneaky counselors but what intelligent campers that they were able to figure it out!

Haley’s Comet decorated special journals that looked beautiful, and then played soccer afterwards. What a night to write about in their new journals!

Fiddler’s Green had an exciting photo shoot with Eden (camp’s photographer) for their cabin poster. How FABULOUS these girls looked in their costumes from the Rec Hall.

Atlantis had pancake races that must have manifested today’s delicious breakfast! Pancakes!!

Forbidden Planet went ROCK CLIMBING. Yes, ROCK CLIMBING. Need I say more?

Taj Mahal tie dyed t-shirts and made both hair wraps and buttons. Throughout this creative night, counselors played guitar for inspiration. I love the sound of a sweet ole guitar playing in the background.

On the other end of camp, Community has been up to lots and lots recently! Living in Blodgett House up Camp Road, our Community campers have been busy around town! Yesterday they went to Harbor Hill, a home for elderly citizens. They celebrated Harbor Hill’s June birthdays with some games and songs. The interior decorators of the group spruced up the place with a few handmade wildflower bouquets, bringing nature into the home. In addition, our campers passed on one of camp’s favorite songs, Oh How Lovely Is The Evening (which Meg and Peter pass on to us every year). Check out photos of the exciting trip!

In other news…tonight is Meg’s Rodeo!! Can I get an applause please!? I will fill you in with all the details tomorrow, but to give you a sneak peak, this is SUCH a fun night in which campers see how far they can spit frozen pees like a llama, make blindfolded art, shake their booty’s with purpose, battle a Knight named Tobie in a game of “Tic, Tac, To-bie”, and more. Can’t wait to hear more? I can’t wait for TONIGHT!

Enjoying the sweet breezes and cooler weather,

Miss Melody and Humming Bird

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