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Strawberry Rhubarb Goodness and a Letter From Pete and Meg!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

Hello fellow llama lovers! It’s me, Mag-O-Llama, and I’ve got a short update, followed by a message from Peter and Meg!

Yesterday, Rachel made an awesome video teaching us all how to make a delicious strawberry and rhubarb crisp! If you’d like to try out the recipe at home, you can click the link here to watch the video! Don’t forget to look at the pictures below!

Now that I’ve made my announcement, I will hand it over to Peter and Meg!

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs



Dear Families,

Peter and Meg here with a mid-summer HVC update, also coming to families via email.

The two of us have continued to make the most of the newfound free time afforded us and we count ourselves among the most fortunate in the country as we are kept safe by Maine’s relatively sane response to the pandemic and the wide spaces HVC and our area provide. 

Some of our neighbors are struggling, however. In response, the small group of 8-9 staff here has used the camp’s brick oven to make dozens of free pizzas for local families each Sunday afternoon. Some customers make donations which are matched by the camp, and these monies are going to a group that purchases produce from small farms nearby and brings it to local food pantries.

And so all of us have become that much more committed to supporting those outside our normally busy and intense summer “bubble.” This awareness is reflected in some of the social media posts we have been sharing with children and adults, and this pattern will continue. We know that school plans are up-in-the-air for many of our campers and so we will continue #athomewithHVC this fall after a short late-August break.

Our autumn season will be spent in much the same way as in the past, talking with families, recruiting staff and planning for Summer 2021. This will include detailed planning for whatever health and safety regimes are required. Our current “empty nest” season reminds us how much we value your children’s presence here – their joy, quirkiness, creativity and love of community life – and we are enthusiastically ramping up to a renewal of our time together.

In the meantime, long distance camp life goes on, and you can find lots at the HVC Blog – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube   We are also sending letters to each camper, starting with first session participants. The envelope coming your way has a note for campers (who may need a hand decoding our handwriting) as well as mementos from the ongoing election contest between Hamilton, an American Pigand Otis (the llama) for Potus.  Some things have changed but HVC remains as goofy as ever!

Missing you all,

Meg and Peter


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