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Strange things a’brewin on this Aloha Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015


Aloha, friends, on this beautiful Tuesday morning!! Humming Bird here with some Aloha Tuesday updates! BUT FIRST! Morning Meeting held an interesting announcement. After yesterday’s surprise– namely, the pictures of AWACs sorting candy, the aforementioned candy’s wrappers strewn carelessly around the camp, and a PD wearing a shirt that listed the “11 top 10 reasons the Candy Drop is today” (followed by those 11 top 10 reasons)– we all gathered for Meeting to find a curious object in front of the gazebo. It appeared to be a part from an airplane (check out photos below). The Atlantis conspiracy theorists indeed confirmed for us that it was a part of not just any airplane… But the candy drop airplane, which they claimed flew over camp last night. Atlantis explained that nobody heard it over the thunder schvitz…. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! So the candy drop may have already happened, and last night’s weather was merely a cover up… *cue The Twilight Zone theme song here*

Now back to our regularly scheduled post…. IT’S ALOHA TUESDAY! “What’s Aloha Tuesday, Humming Bird??” Well, let me tell you!! Every Tuesday those who own Hawaiian apparel are encouraged to wear previously stated Hawaiian apparel, to honor the spirit of Aloha. At Evening Meeting, the person who most embodies and honors the Aloha spirit will be recognized in front of the whole camp with a sacred ceremony! In addition to Aloha Tuesday– and yummy pancakes for breakfast– today we are celebrating our second day of classes!

BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!! Tonight is MEG’S RODEO!! “What on Earth is that, Humming Bird?” Patience, reader!! I will explain!! Meg’s Rodeo is a wonderful evening program we have here at HVC during which campers travel around in their cabin groups, doing different activities together! We’ve got old fan favorites like blind llama sculpting (pictionary with clay and a blindfold), and frozen pea spitting (exactly what it sounds like!) But there are also some new classics like tissue box dancing (during which campers must shake their tails to get ping pong balls to fly out of a tissue box, tied around their behind) and the elephant walk (you put a tennis ball in pantyhose and put the pantyhose around your head and use it like an elephant’s trunk to knock over cups!) We have so many fun activities planned, so be on the lookout for pictures of that!!

And now for a teen program update!! Yesterday, after spending their first days in the studio with their respective mentors, the apprentices all came together for the afternoon. First, they spent some time together reflecting on their artistic, creative, and athletic (don’t forget that one of the mentorships is in the Brumby/horses area!) developments. Then, they joined Al by the garage to learn how to maintain their own bikes. They covered everything from pumping tires to replacing parts! Hopefully, they don’t need to use too many of the skills to keep their morningly bike ride from Blodgett to camp running smoothly, but now they have the skills just in case! This afternoon, they’ll be taught how to work with stone by the talented stoneworker who built most of camp’s stone walls!

The campers and counselors in the Alive group are already hard at work, getting ready to write, produce, choreograph, and put on the annual Alive Show! Yesterday we saw our third teen program group, Hidden Valley Adventures, off on their canoeing trip down the St. Croix river! In the coming few days, they’ll canoe approximately 50 miles, cook meals together, sleep in tents, and take in the beautiful US-Canada border view! What incredible programs we have here for our teenage campers!

This is a beautiful day here at camp, and Cat Nap and I can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow!! Check out photos below from our Cabin Night last night, and Meeting this morning! And stay tuned tomorrow for more on Meg’s Rodeo!! For today the Super Official Humming Bird Cat Nap Candy Drop Probability O’Meter is beeping slow and steady, and shows a modest 15.7% chance of candy schvitz today. Stay tuned!!

Cat Nap and I are off to scavenge for candy the AWACs might have dropped…

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap


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