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Stayin’ Cool!

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Sadie here!

Today was an ice cream pop and run through a sprinkler kind of day! And that’s just what we did! Here’s the lowdown of what cabins were up to:

Loons had some facetime with the animals over at the animal pen, AND went to the camp store. Cha-ching!

Avalon ran through those backyard sprinklers and had their cabin cheer recorded for the HVC dvd.

Wombles made paper mosaics with one of our professional staff!

French Quarter also got to swing through the camp store and go to the animal pen!

Paquatahnee designed and made their own stamps this morning. In the afternoon they played water balloon games!

Gimme Shelter and Valhalla cooled off in the pool this afternoon during Interest Groups.

Shangri-La spent their morning designing the making their own jewelry.

Fiddler’s Green decorated t-shirts and pillowcases!

Camelot worked on a glass project with two of our professional artists.

Taj Mahal did promos (created a skit that promotes what’s coming up in the next few days) and performed them at camp meeting.

Bermuda Triangle 

Forbidden Triangle wrote a cabin cheer and we recorded it for the camp DVD.

Haley’s Comet had their swim evals today and spent lots of time with those horses!

Community was trained on how to use the pizza oven- they’ll be making lot of pizza this summer! Stay tuned!

HVA went on a hike!

This evening we all enjoyed the staff talent show! See some pictures below!

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