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Staff Report!

Saturday, June 17th, 2023

Hello from a pep-and-prep-filled day at HVC!

The weather may be moody, but us staff are buzzing with anticipation for the campers’ arrivals – spiritedly partaking in preparations and soaking in the (relative) peace before the glorious frenzy ahead. An exciting development: we reached full staff on Monday!

That night, the staff sauntered off to the scenic seaside town of Belfast where memories were formed and ice-cream relished. After a late wakeup the next morning, the staff indulged in a day of relaxing, shopping and roaming – or getting familiarized with – the beautiful grounds.

After an energetic dinner, formal introductions were made in our ‘big circle’ – in a quirky way, of course. Staff learned essential things about one another like what they would carry in their hypothetical kangaroo pouches or what their memoirs would be called. Amidst this, they got moving and laughing with enlightening games like ‘this or that’ and found their birthday buddies.

During the days, the staff have been kept busy with essential housekeeping featuring swim evaluations, drivers’ training and emergency drills alongside informative meetings to be most prepared to welcome our amazing campers in a fun, safe, and empathetic environment.

Training and area preparation has also hit the ground running with staff in all areas diligently and enthusiastically working to get their spaces set-up and their skills honed for the campers to get the most out of them.

The theater productions are being chosen and the rec hall (plus the studios and animal pens cleaned out). The staff training video is being produced, the archery staff trained and the teen programs arranged.

Meanwhile, the lifeguards have been expertly diving into more practice at the pool and lake while the ropes staff have officially, and skillfully, led their first cohort of eager staff members through the courses!

Sports equipment has also been set-up (hello tether-ball posts and soccer goals), buddy tags made, mountain bikes put to first use, instruments tuned and the red barn kitchen prepped for iron chef.

In-between, downtime has been well-spent discovering and embracing camp culture. Whether jamming in the red barn, enjoying tea-breaks in the dining hall, playing cards on the picnic tables or friendship-bracelet making at the gazebo, the camp spirit has been alive and thriving.

In the evenings, another cherished camp element has taken off with a handful of evening programs where staff have strengthened bonds, gained valuable insights and gotten a sweet taste of camp tradition. 

On Tuesday night, our star team of returning staff designed and ran stands for ‘booth night’ where newbies learned more about the ins and outs of camp. Music, conversation and good vibes flowed.

On Wednesday, the staff enjoyed a high-spirited evening of uniquely-American contra dancing where movements were (for the most part) successfully executed and intricate formations created but most importantly, smiles and laughter spotted throughout (see the evidence below!)

On Thursday, the rain didn’t deter us from enjoying a practice-round of a revered HVC tradition – Llamapalooza, headed your way soon! Courtesy of the returners’ organization, the staff engaged in an amusing variety of physical shenanigans ending with the signature counselor ‘day-in-the-life’ relay ft. a trash bag, costumes and cereal!

The outside world is calling – specifically, a camp-sponsored trip to gorgeous nearby Camden! Though the pen must be stowed for now, I may confidently report that the gears are turning and spirits sparkling.

So get that excitement fired and suitcases filled because before you can say ‘Hey you guys!’, the first day of camp will have arrived with all sorts of incredible people in tow… 

Signing off,

H. V. Scribe



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