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Spring colors and thinking about summer…

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Hi, cutie!

Hello, friends! Love time no see and long time no blog. Olive Oyl here with a little spring/almost summer update for our HVC family across the world.

As warmer weather approaches, camp is showing off a little bit with its blooming flowers and vibrant colors. Not to mention our beautiful new office, which is ready to welcome campers, counselors, and staff in just a few short months (and only a few short weeks for some early arriving folks). I personally can’t wait to break in the new place with a blog post– keep your eyes peeled next week!

Our new baby pig, Hamilton, is getting out and enjoying the springtime air and looking adorable doing it. He and Luke the dog are becoming fast friends exploring the springtime beauty at camp. Staff are hard at work getting the pool ready for the summer, although it may be a little too cold for a dip at the moment. Ferns are popping up and looking super awesome (check out pictures below), plus cute little bunches of flowers around Tipi Hill and daffodils by the Red Barn.

Over by the animal barn, the chickens are doing well and laying lots of eggs– see photo of Courtney with a basket full of em! So much new life and beauty this spring.

We’re so excited to usher in the springtime as we get the ball rolling for another amazing summer at HVC!

Over and out,


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