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Space and First Place, and then Sun and Fun!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014


Hi all! Snoop Cat here with a brief update…

After waking up this morning to some chirping birds, I realized that today marks one week until the end of camp…! It is amazing to think about all the wondrous things that have happened over the past few weeks. Luckily, there is still a lot more to come. We are all still looking forward to seeing the play (Alice in Wonderland) and the musical (Matilda), participating in Sharing Night, perusing the art show, Fair Day, and more!

Peter and Meg spoke to all of camp today about the fact that the session will be coming to a close soon. They talked about what to expect regarding feelings about leaving this amazing place and these amazing people. Peter has also come to the shift meetings to speak with counselors more in depth about the end of the session and went over counseling strategies that are most applicable during this upcoming week. We have created an astoundingly welcoming and cohesive community here at HVC this summer. It is so heartwarming to look at all that we have accomplished over just a few short weeks, and we are all excited to end camp on such a high note!

Now, I’ll hand it over to Lady of the Lake!

Lady of the Lake here!

First off, a huge congratulations to all the campers who participated in the Portland Spelling Bee yesterday where different camps in Maine competed against each other. We have a talented bunch of spellers here at HVC! In fact, one of our impressive teams won the Younger Half division of the Spelling Bee. Our trophy will be proudly displayed in the office, so thanks guys for the new, shiny decoration!

As if breakfast and lunch yesterday weren’t absolutely amazing, we had a delicious spaghetti feast last night. There were rich meatballs and delicate pasta sauces, along with traditional parmesan cheese. And let’s not forget the zesty garlic bread we had! It was the perfect meal to fuel us all for our adventurous evening program.

Last night was our Space Dance! The dance was an absolute blast. Our DJs played one amazing space jam after the next, and everyone was busting their best intergalactic moves. The campers couldn’t not dance – the music was that contagious. At one point, an outrageous and spirited conga line paraded through the Rec hall.

Outside the Rec Hall, campers participated in fantastic space journey activities. They space face painted with Ace in all different styles. Campers sported colorful, bright, and Space-y designs on their faces. At the basketball court, campers played rousing games of space jam basketball. In the Hilton Dance studio, kids had an exciting moonwalking competition. Kids showed off those amazing space dancing skills back off in the Rec Hall, too. On the Rec Hall field, campers played the always lovely field game, Man from Mars. Continuing the Space theme, there was Ring Around the Planet, our intergalactic version of traditional hula-hooping. Kids danced around vigorously with the hula hoops to the delightful space jams.

We couldn’t have a Space Dance without searching for extraterrestrial life. Many campers chose to create their own space accessories and then search for aliens. They found many intriguing creatures throughout space! The star attraction (no pun intended) of the night was the Lunar Landing Tractor Rides, where campers explored an exciting universe from the back of a tractor.

We also celebrated the end of raininess at the dance by painting puddles in bright and sunny colors, which definitely add some fun to our paths. Which brings me to the exciting news of the day – the sun is out! We sang a celebratory round of Here Comes the Sun this morning to appreciate the glorious weather. There’s no better weather to take a dip in the lake, go mountain biking, make a marvelous piece of art, rehearse for a show, or play in a basketball game…

Today is the camper-counselor basketball game during Interest Groups! Campers have been practicing for this day in their basketball team class for the past three weeks, and they are ready to show off their basketball skills! Interest Groups will all happen near the basketball court, where we will all be cheering on the players. We even have a commentator, so it’s sure to be a humorous occasion for all. Who knows what will happen today at the court!

We were also treated to a delightful morning meeting today, where Loons campers presented a particularly hilarious spirit animal of the day. Each day, Loons campers summon the spirit of something – like their goofy counselors, or the wailing donkeys. Today, the campers summoned the spirit of Bud, the man who instructed counselors in van driving during staff training. The campers imitated his signature voice and catch phrases perfectly, and the entire camp was laughing hysterically. What a great way to start the day!

Well, that’s the news for now.


Lady of the Lake


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