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Some Schvitzy Comfort and Craziness!

Saturday, July 9th, 2016
Fabulous paraders

Fabulous paraders

Good morning people of the world! Miss Melody here with some wonderful updates to share with y’all!

This morning we started off the day RIGHT when we walked into the dining hall and were blinded by the sheer golden light that was emanating from the tubs (yes, TUBS!) of fresh, local, juicy and gorgeously red Maine strawberries. What a treat! What a sight for sore eyes, I tell ya! And what better way to enjoy them than with some nice, comforting, hot cocoa?! Nothing goes better with strawberries than chocolate…Next to the warm scrambled eggs, corn beef hash and apple-cinnamon oatmeal, this breakfast makes us all champions, ready to conquer the day!

Last night was electives and it was so so much fun. There was a rockin’ dance party, Australian bread making over the campfire, cookie baking, creek walking, a game of capture the flag, random parading, tennis, a game of sardines, and more! It was overwhelming, I wanted to run, sorry, walk briskley, to all of them! Capture the flag, as usual, had quite the crowd and the referees are indefinitely debating who won. The haze of reds and blues filled the dining hall as campers poured in after the game with all of their face/body paint on. The dance party was POPPIN’ with great tunes such as cotton eyed joe and some hits from the musical Hamilton. I heard the Australian bread was delicious, and I could smell the smokiness in the air from the campfire, which always adds to great flavor. Also, the COOKIES. Delicious, as well, I heard!  Maybe I’ll have to scope out some leftovers later…The paraders looked hilarious while dancing around camp, and I heard that sardines was epic. Check out the photos below!

Today, however, is DRESS IN THE DARK DAY! This is a day in which camp is filled with campers, and staff I may add, dressed in super silly clothes. That Hawaiian skirt over those rainbow tights? It works! That sweatshirt placed OVER the schvitz jacket? It works! Those undies used as a fashionable hat and comfortable schvitz protector? Work it!!! Some campers actually got ready in the dark today, it was so hilarious to see all of the different, and creative, outfits this morning at breakfast. It really brightened up a schvitzy day here at camp. Bravo, HVC, bravo.

In other news…there were some mysterious letters from the King’s Council posted all over camp today. Apparently, the King has gone sick and Queen Elora of the West will take over in the meantime! Could this have anything to do with the Wheel of Misfortune coming up? I guess we will have to wait and see! Check it out below.

Tonight is Candy Crush for the younger half and Teen Party at Blodgett House for the older half. I will keep you posted on all the happenings on that tomorrow!!

Have a beautiful day,

Miss Melody



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