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Some Gross, Some Not Gross, All Fun!

Friday, July 15th, 2016


Hi there! Olive Oyl here with a Lazy Day update for the folks at home.

Today was a fun-packed day with the younger half on camp for Gross Day slash Once Upon a Time Day (for those folks who wished to stay clean) and the older half at Glow Bowling. But before we even get to all that cool stuff, let’s talk about our awesome evening of electives last night!

We had a whole range of activities, from glass beads to capture the flag to a jam session to baking cookies. We also had some revivals of HVC favorites, like nalgene destruction, which was successful thanks to a baseball bat. On the theme of destruction, there was also fire and destruction in the pottery studio where they built pieces out of clay only to blow them up. Awesome! We also had sticky bread, thanks to our German counselor Lisa, who introduced us to the German version of s’mores. And of course, Peter did his secret tour of camp, which featured the roof of the Dining Hall and the comfiest couch on camp in the PD barn, just to name a few of the stops. After dispersing all over camp we gathered back at the Rec Hall to sing a few songs before getting a good night’s sleep.

We had a nice little sleep-in this morning and awoke to a delicious breakfast egg sandwiches with croissants, tomatoes, cheese, and avocados. Yum! Our older half then got on the buses to go Glow Bowling, which is just a more awesome, glow in the dark version of bowling with the option to go barefoot or wear socks. And while our older half was off bowling, our younger half was getting gross (or not). For our Gross Day activities, we had old favorites like condiment twister, the sllip n’ SLIME, the gross obstacle course, and shaving cream hairdos. For those who wanted to stay un-gross, we had Once Upon a Time Day activities with crown and wand making, building fairy houses, and of course reading and friendship bracelets for those who wanted a laid back morning.

After all our morning activities, older half arrived back on camp in time for lunch and we all went back to our cabins for a nice long rest period and cabin clean. We got visits from our inspectors and took time to relax on this hot day. In the afternoon we cooled off by the pool for pool activities, which featured a (not gross) slip n’ slide, parachute games, games of magic, and of course, the pool! We’re now gathered for evening meeting before our dinner of Mexican food and our movie night.

There’s lot of pictures today, some from classes yesterday, electives, and today’s trip and lazy day. Be sure to check them out!

Lots of love,


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