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So Much To Share, So Little Time.

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Good evening everyone George of the Jungle here with our second report of the day.
We’ve had a massively jam packed day here today and our reporters have decided that just one news report for today is simply not enough. So I am delighted to bring you all the news from this evenings incredible sharing night along with a run down on whats coming up with tomorrows Lazy Day before the crew here at HVC take a lazy day break from reports and catch up with you all on Fair Day (Tuesday) morning!

The sun has set on the final day of classes and many a camper has headed off to sleep in this beautiful valley after an epic day in the sun. The final interest groups have been had and art projects completed. Waterballons were thrown and many a fort did fall down at The End of the World. Promos wrapped up with a record breaking 13 items promoted at evening meeting and the final products of the pickle sacrifice were consumed down at Planet Meg this afternoon. All in all camp is wrapping up splendidly. The incredible end to the summer was further highlighted by tonight’s evening program, the final sharing night of the summer! We began the evening outside on the rec hall field where dancers, play writes, mad scientists and guitarists wowed us with their impressive skills. Extreme llama carers and members of the outreach outdoor crew, who had composed a song for the occasion along with some terrific tango-ers also graced the stage with their tremendous talents.

We moved indoors for our ear drums to be burst by the thumping beats of the rock bands and an incredible stop motion modern movement dance film. Next up we were treated to a jogging demonstration that turned out to be a flash mob and then it was time for the best of Improv classes and a sock monkeys class who told a riveting tale of alien invasion. Songwriters performed their new songs and the evening came to a close with a chaotically wonderful Ukulele performance channeling the spirit of the camp wide phenomena, Aloha Tuesday- despite it being a Sunday…

And so the final Sharing night for 2013 has came to a close and bed time has been and gone and our cohort of talented but tired campers are tucked up safe in their cabins.

Both the younger and older half have trotted off to bed now so they can be bright, ready and refreshed for tomorrows final lazy day festivities.

The Younger half will be heading off this morning to enjoy all that the Roller Rink has to offer. I personally can’t wait to grab some skates and enjoy the smooth tunes and fun games always played on the rink. There will also be activities at the ready for those of us less willing to go for a roll. When they return the younger half will enjoy an outside lunch in the back yard before some afternoon rest, relaxation and cleaning time. Before dinner and evening meeting the Younger Half will also enjoy a chilled out afternoon down by the pool for one last summer swim, friendship bracelet making session and relaxation time before the end of camp festivities begin.

While on camp tomorrow the older cabins will enjoy a slight sleep in and some time to spruce up their cabins after breakfast before donning their dancing shoes and warming up their vocal cords for the main act of tomorrows lazy day- the Broadway Bonanza!

Camp will inherit a dramatic flare tomorrow as musical and Broadway themed activities take over different parts of camp. Activities will include The Wizard of Oz Obstacle Course, Little Shop of Horrors Sock Puppet creation, Peter Pan Flying lessons up on Tipi Hill and the building of a Les Mis inspired barricade in the rec hall.

After their own outside lunch and rest period the Older Half will be joining their younger counterparts for some fun in the sun down by the pool before returning up to the back yard where we shall, for the final time this summer, swap stories of our various lazy day adventures.
For dinner we will be treated to some scrumptious pizza dinner and shall be returning to the rec hall tomorrow evening for our fourth consecutive night of incredible camp talent with the Alive Show. A culmination of four weeks planning, preparation and hard work by our on camp teen program Alive, having caught a glimpse at their rehearsal today i am sure it is a night not to be missed!

Until next time folks it has been my pleasure corresponding with you, watch out for those trees.
Forever Yours,
George of the Jungle.


Photos from Sharing Night:


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